1. Justification "That the singer's going to sing a song And I wants you all to sing along So let me introduce to you The one and only Billy Shears And Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band The Beatles, 1967 This is a very funny introduced The Beatles to their alter egos, invented by the members themselves who formed the Club Band Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts. We are in 1967 and this would be the ninth studio album by The Beatles. Interestingly, the number nine was the lucky number for John and Yoko, which met just one 9 November (1966). The superstition of that number followed him for many of the events of his life, was born Oct. 9, along with his son Sean, the Beatles' first contract was a May 9, 1962 and even died September 1, 9 December 1980 (it was actually an 8 in New York but in London it was 9). They believed in the magic of numbers, they thought the numbers could say something about the future and based many of his views on that information.

So this new job, which was the ninth in a successful career could not be something trivial, and it was not, in fact became a turning point in the history of music popularly known as Pop. The reasons that led him to be a hinge work this type of music are many and varied. In this first section will try to give a description of at least the principal.