The Dynasty Westerwelle

The dynasty Westerwelle – renewable cash anno 2011, evening the three King meeting, the German free Democrats, at the Staatstheater in Stuttgart we in the “heute journal”, by Claus Kleber were allowed to listen, welch combative speech of the Vice Chancellor and Minister of Foreign Affairs, awarded the order reflected the seriousness of the animal and a tie man of the year in his capacity as Executive Committee, which has held FDP. Westerwelle, a fighter for the freedom of the middle class and justice, a gestandener skipper, the even during storm the deck does not leave, as he himself says, has made all honor as a campaign speaker and one of the best, who can, as his rum, as Tribune of the people before the “people” at the Staatstheater Stuttgart, Claus Kleber said. See olympics for more details and insights. Endless applause echoed through the halls. The man knows what he wants and his emphasis, accordingly – is always on the ego. As leader of the Freedom Party of the wealthy – he has a great hymn of praise his deeds and the free democratic party, hear. Takes It all literally, so there’s not the Republic without the FDP, at least this Republic would plug up to the neck in the dirt, which is not quite so outlandish. Ultimately, if you follow him, all parties were, that koalierten only intention, which made possible the great deeds of the free Democrats, with their right to vote with the party of Westerwelle. Such a power person, one should not be in the way or make the enemies, what did Wolfgang Gerhardt, was succeeded by Klaus Kinkel, in the leadership of the FDP, as in 2001.

He has been broken and leave his Office to Guido Westerwelle, his assassin Party Secretary. A new dynasty came to the flower. Guido was on target and Gerhardt was: “How to hunt a dog by the Court”, what this new party Chairman – at the party still cried.