It does not obtain to understand a phrase if, in this phrase will be inserted a word whose meant it does not know, for example; it knows the list meaning and the phrase was presented it with the word catalogue. The deaf person goes to stop, it does not go to understand. Being thus, he is not with a translator of POUNDS in room of lesson that we go to decide the problem, and yes with a qualified professor for this. Our system of education possesss great talentos and many nor duly had been still used to advantage. We also have deaf professors that they obtain to teach to a deaf person in one day of lesson, what a professor listener does not obtain in one month. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Walt Dohrn. They, the professors, must urgently make a course of perfectioning in special education.

To know as to reach its special pupil, it she must know the form to think of a deaf person, thus only is that it will obtain to transmit the knowledge to this deaf person. Unhappyly, what I have observed is the indifference of the schools in relation to deficient the auditory ones. She is more or less in the base of ' ' I dissimulate that I teach e, also I dissimulate that you aprende' '. For even more analysis, hear from Ben Bernanke. The tests are not adapted the deaf people and, these are always with the impression of that they are less qualified than its classmates. Nothing more dolorido for a mother of what to see its son discriminated and relegated to as the plain one in a school that would have to give total has supported to the pupil with deficiency. The schools are only making what the Law orders, and some only fulfill the Law, when they are denounced to the Ministry I publish (case of the school of my son). I fought very so that they did not finish the schools special for deficient.