Taktifol is a new partner new partner of the southwestern German Football Federation has qualification offensive of the SWFV with Taktifol. I’m glad that we could win the Taktifol group with its innovative product for our qualification campaign”, explains Jochen Schroter, the Managing Director of the SWFV. Just for trainers with a limited budget, Taktifol offers a cheap and very practical way, tactical game to teach the team and set. The secret of Taktifol is the electrostatic charge”explains Jurgen Zinsmeister, Taktifol’s Managing Director. And indeed: the bow stick to each cabin door on every level and every wall everywhere. Residue-free, you can detach the bow almost as often again and again install.

Even on uneven panels Hall walls, there are no problems: Taktifol sticks easily and therefore previously unimagined flexibility the coach. The associated Taktistick pins make each caption also again wiped off without liquid. The caption can be wiped off with a dry paper towel or even with the finger. These properties make Taktifol so usable like a severe tactics Board. At the same time, the medium is so easy to carry like a sheet of paper. The trainer can take even in the Pocket to a 11 draw with Taktifol. To the question, how often each individual sheet is usable, Taktifol Chief Zinsmeister explains: each coach for yourself to find out. Not diminishing liability forces, but rather slight residue when wiping keep the reusability within certain limits”.

Typically an arc assumes 3-6 time in use, before it declared the coach as unusable. “A price of just over 20 euros per roll (= 25 sheets) allows but also that an arc is replaced after several missions against another.” The trainers of Association of are already convinced by Taktifol. We can easily equal a whole series of football Arch of any wall training install and thus also complex moves before everybody explain.”shows excited a Association sports teacher Heinz-Jurgen Schlosser. In the meantime even the UEFA on Taktifol is become aware and had all European coach with Taktifol pattern sheet. Certainly this is also an indication that the SWFV with its qualification campaign on the right track and has a secure hand in selecting his partners.