Historical presence must remember that these territories were technically caught in Mexico by the average soldier in the years between 1846 – 1848 this produces a true feeling of belonging that migrants in the United States believe that they still have the right to be there, and we add to this that there are ethnic groups that reside from the years in which this territory was taken from the country. In conclusion I think what the author is saying is true, migration is giving to levels never before seen, and if I also believe that because of this are being a separation of cultures that attacks the host country, but also it must be remembered that this country looks also benefited by migration, 91% of the strength of the field work is Mexican and United States is a country that excels in this aspect to worldwide, I think that this phenomenon will not stop not until Mexico do not raise the standard of living that gives its citizens and it can come to the United States and for this has that grow in a constant way and greater than of the pace of its neighbor first worldist thing I see very difficult, the ideal for me is finding a way to benefit in the same way, a fraternity, work as a team and put aside cultural differences in this increasingly globalized world where the European union is strengthened each time more and more for his work on equipment and support among countries that despite having different culture learned to work together. Original author and source of the article..