During these years of intense political Uslar Pietri did not overlook his literary passion, and informative essays and in addition to his work as editor of the newspaper “Now,” founded the “Journal of Finance”, chaired the Association of Writers and issued Venezuela Chair in Political Economy at the Faculty of Law, Universidad Central de Venezuela, which would eventually be the germ of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences of the University at this time is working with other leading authors in the creation of a body of texts to be issued with entitled “Summary of Venezuelan economy and promoted the foundation of the Biblioteca Popular Venezolana also participated in the drafting of the Education Law. After the coup came the exile and live in Canada and then in New York where he taught at Columbia University, 1947 and was the product of their teaching experiences during this period is the book “Men of Letters and Venezuela” 1948 which highlights his insightful and advanced perception of magical realism in our literature. It is in these years in which they work and publishes his novel “The Road to El Dorado”, a story of the titanic and bloody epic of “Tyrant” Lope de Aguirre in South American lands. Uslar returned to Venezuela in 1950, during the dictatorship of Perez Jimenez and incorporated as Professor of Literature at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and has entered the world of advertising with Carlos Eduardo Frias, Alejo Carpentier and directed the “Literary Paper” of the newspaper El Nacional..