Ultraviolet light is classified into three categories: UVA which tans, UVB, which damages the skin and cause sunburn, and UVC, which is filtered by the atmosphere and never reaches the ground. 99% of UV radiation from the sun at sea level is UVA. UVB is the smell of the devastation they cause to the skin from premature aging, deep wrinkles, and in the worst cases of cancer. UV radiation is reflected by different surfaces so you can expand your exposure according to the reflecting surface. Snow reflects up to 90% of UV light and has been known to cause snow blindness and severe burns skiing on a sunny day. Sand reflects up to 20% of UVB that reaches so you can get extra UV exposure at the beach.

The cover of this is that some things absorb almost all UV radiation. Glass is a perfect example? That’s why you do not burn your car on a hot day. Use chemical sunscreens are UV absorption properties. Sunburn Caucasian people do not have a natural built in protection as do many races. So if you are white with not so then your skin is not protected from lightning UV, making it more susceptible to sunburn if you spend too much time in the sun. Sunburn makes the skin red and very painful, and in severe cases blisters will appear. In the course of several hours, exposed skin turns bright red and becomes extremely painful to touch. Most times you can feel the heat radiating from the skin.