The 2 kg divided into 4 stages: breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. More than anything in this day do not eat. If you can not afford this, mozhno'neskolko soften diet. Morning: slice of pineapple, eat 100 grams of low fat cottage cheese. Lunch: half a pineapple and 100 g of poultry, lean cooked meat, crabs or boiled fish. Evening: slice of pineapple and a slice of rye bread with low-fat cheese.

Result: The weight is reduced by 2 kg every 2 days. It should also be aware that powerful 'zhiroubiytsy' more and artichokes (and the water in which they were cooked), fruits, kiwi, apple cider vinegar. A further recommend that in this age group more often … dance. An hour of active dancing burns 400 calories! 60 or older: Lightning NO DIET! Your muscle mass is only 15%. Therefore, those who want to lose weight should do so very slowly, as the lightning fast or diet, we were talking about a sharp reduce the amount of protein in muscle tissue. Try to follow the plan of Professor Volker Pudelya.

University Hospital of Goettingen (Germany), who developed the length of his weight loss in this age, the Main Professor rule: no more than 40 grams of fat per day. Here's how to implement this recommendation in practice. In the morning: instead of the traditional sandwich with butter make a sandwich with a teaspoon of low fat cottage cheese. Fat intake be reduced to 4 years Lunch: 60 grams instead of stuffing can be cooked 60 grams of red beans. Similar colors create an optical illusion of a familiar food, and fat intake was reduced by 7 For those who can not imagine dinner without meat – another tip: 200 grams of beef tenderloin instead of pork chops reduce fat intake by 17, 16 hours, if you really really want a cake – eat a piece of cake with fruit and cake nekusok. This will reduce the fat intake in the evening in '13: it's better to let a piece of cooked ham, smoked sausage than. Reduced fat intake to 10 grams a piece of cheese 30% fat, compared with cheese 60% fat and reduce fat intake in '10 And again: Drink at least 2 liters a day – it will support digestion and metabolism in good shape. This way you can get rid of the 2 – 3 extra pounds of weight in a month – it's best for you and for quality, and time. And do not forget that at your age the need for energy is low – 1700 calories per day is enough. But fruits and vegetables a must! As for sports, it is best to do light exercises, but on a regular basis and at least 15 minutes a day. Source: How to lose weight man