A time, having received the call from God for Its Workmanship, only fits, to have the attitude of who says: ' ' Here it is me here, Gentleman! It sends me it me! ' ' , and to search to be prepared, in order to be apt stops to exert the ministry that of God has received. Made this, in the time of God, It has to fulfill what Itself it considered to make by means of that called for Its Workmanship. It is of if to stand out, that to respect the time of God, brings as it rewards, the necessary certainty in way to the many fights that will come in elapsing of the ministry. Only understanding this truth, he will be ready to be blessing in the life of those which to come to give. Learn more on the subject from CVS. I APPEAL: I wanted to call the attention the seminaristas brothers, for the necessity of a reflection concerning what he was spoken here. It is very good for having a great church, repleta of people, BUT, better of what this, is to have the certainty of that did not lose the vision that of God received. I would like that we closed our eyes in conjunct and, I analyzed if the characteristics presented here have been evidenced in our hearts. E, that at this moment, the God is asking for who in gives to all these characteristics to them, that are basic in the life of that they had truily been calls for the ministerial workmanship. AMEN!