Luis Leante is Murcia, born in 1963. He has published several books of stories and juvenile novels. The story presented to us in sight if I love you you is flojilla. The landscape in which it is situated invites to demand more of the plot. The Spain in 1975, with the background of the death of Franco and the abandonment of the Sahara arouses expectations that are not met. Basically boils down to a classic girl meets boy; girl falls for boy; pregnant girl from chico; Girl loses boy; Guy withdraws from the madding crowd is to say, that we begin with a Legionary in the Dungeon of a barracks, accused of treason, hearing the bustle of preparations to take the output of the Sahara and this promising start turns into a story something melancholy of comes.

The possibilities offered by such historical moment are played very in passing. Even the Saharan customs are lightly sketched, despite noting the clear intention of the author to use this town as background to the argument. It gives the impression that passages of the text have been cut. The novel is read with comfort. The language used by Leante is direct and fluid, with few metaphors and light descriptions setted in the development of the story itself. Also plays with time very correct and accurate, achieving that despite the vagaries of the comings and goings at the time, reader never loses the thread of the plot. This gives an idea of a writer who handles technique with ease. We have a novel in which the style and technique are far superior to the bland story that serves as the basis for the book. Only the excellent end allows you to retrieve us (a little) to little flavor that leaves this novel and sadden us (much) so, with similar Wicker, could be and was not.