The flowering of Spanish in the Philippines In the Philippines, the Spaniards first appeared after the expedition of Ferdinand Magellan in 1521. Hear other arguments on the topic with olympics. Spain, as a great maritime power of that time sought to prevent the Islamization of the Philippines following the example of Indonesia, with direct military intervention. But in contrast to Latin America, the Christianization of the population did not lead to ispanizatsii. This was due to several reasons. Firstly, the number of ispatsev-settlers was very small, but consequently, there was little intermarriage. Secondly, the spread of Spanish resisted, oddly enough, Spanish priests themselves, for fear of corrupting their new parishioners.

They even contributed to the development alphabet for local languages! But despite all this, in the administrative apparatus, and then in schools dominated by Spanish. This led to the fact that in the late 19 early 20 centuries, a large development was Hispanic Filipino literature. Among the most famous writers of the time you can allocate the Philippine national hero Jose Rizal and-Alonso (1861-1896), Cecilio Apostol (1877-1938), Fernando Guerrero (1873-1929) and Jesus Balmori satirist (1886-1948). The decline of the Spanish language region after the Spanish-American War in 1898 the Americans took control of the Philippines. And once the new owners began to force the Spanish language, replacing it with English. So in 1901 the Philippines were sent both tomasity called? foreign language teachers, who started preparing the population for the transition from Spanish to English. This transition has taken quite some time.

Since the first newspaper, books, radio broadcasts in English began to emerge in the Philippines but in the forties of last century. In 1935, English became an official language alongside Spanish. Parallel to this, the Americans are a lot of work on education a single national language, based on autochthonous elements. And so on Dec. 31, 1937 the national language becomes more and Tagalog spoken by most residents of the city? city of Manila. Now modern Philippine literature is created in English. In 1973, the Spanish no longer official, and in 1987 he stopped teaching at universities.

They say people in the territory, situated on the banks of the river Rio Grande, and linguistic groups spoken by tribe subtiaba-tlappanek, distributed in four areas: two of them are located in Guerrero and one in El Salvador and Nicaragua. The third, atabasksoy language family includes languages and dialects of tribes the Apaches living in Chihuahua and Koauile. If we talk about the second group – a group of middle-American languages, it includes fifteen linguistic families. This is a “dead” languages hanambre and olives, which were distributed in Tamaulipas and vaikuri that were used in the south of Baja California. The remaining language family – it’s tavern (south-east of Guatemala), carrying (in Michigan), Totonac (Veracruz coast, in Pueblo, in Hidalgo), share (in Honduras), otomiyskaya family of languages (it is composed of three groups: Otomi – common in much of central Mexico, the Mazatec – Puebla, Guerrero, Oaxaca, and the group chiapanek-manga – used Chyapse and 3 regions of Nicaragua and Costa Rica). We examined five families. The following 7 families – is Mixtec-Zapotec, which some scientists consider a separate unit, consisting of 4 independent linguistic families: Mixtec, amusgo, Zapotec and kuikatek common in some areas of Puebla, Guerrero and Oaxaca; target-juice-uave distributed in four widely separated areas; target-juice used in Veracruz, Tabasco, Oaxaca, Chiapas; tapachultek – south-western part of Chiapas – the “dead” language, was uguakatek distributed in Guatemala – “dead” language; uave used in Oaxaca; family Miskito-Sumo-matagalma consists of 3 language groups: sumo ulupa, distributed in eastern Nicaragua and southern Honduras, the Miskito – on the coast Nicaragua and the coast of Honduras, Nicaragua, Matagalpa and used in a small area in El Salvador; chinantek – the family, the languages that are prevalent in the West and in Oaxaca Veracruz, Lenca family prevalent in El Salvador and Honduras; hikake – in northern Honduras, Mayan language family widely distributed in Yucatan and neighboring southern states of Mexico, in Guatemala, British Honduras, as well as in some areas in the north-eastern coast of Mexico.

In the case of the calls half-actual courses these have that to be authorized for the MEC with exception of free professionalizing courses to have legal support. Beyond the possibility of if developing courses in Ead also it exists the possibility of if developing tools using the proper platforms of Ead as video, audioconferncias among others as tools of support for the development of regular courses. Another possibility to use to advantage the EAD is to study in the exterior, in a college that offers the modality, without leaving Brazil. Mainly in the Europe, these institutions have much credibility and years of tradition. An example is National the Universidad Spaniard of Educacin in the distance (Uned), created in 1972.

It offers courses in most different areas and programs of graduation, specialization, MBA, after-graduation, doutorado and also free courses. The Uned was one of the pioneers in education in the distance, together with the Open University, that appeared in England in 1971. According to Otto Peters, director of the Open University of Hagen, Germany, the EAD appeared in middle of the century passed with the development of the ways of transports and communication, whose regularity and trustworthiness had allowed the appearance of the first experiences of education for correspondence in the Europe and the United States. ' ' Long-distance study it is methods recionalizado to supply knowledge that independently allows the access to the university studies to a great number of students of its places of residence and occupation (PETERS, 1983). ' ' Nobody if he can deny the chance to learn for being poor, to be isolated geographically, kept out of society, sick or for any another circumstance that hinders its access to some institution of education. These are the elements that they assume the recognition of a freedom somebody to decide if it wants or not estudar.' ' (WEDEMEYER, 1986) DEVELOPMENT the EAD in the distance has as characteristic main between the professor and the pupil, but it recognizes the capacity of the student to construct its way, its knowledge, of if becoming self-taught person, actor and practical author of its and reflections.

Independent work learning can serve as a basis adjustment of its position in the educational process. In studying the play, an Ostrovsky's "Groza" I offer students the questions: Is it accidental death of Catherine? Is it possible there was another way? Students nominate hypotheses prove its position. Nomination and testing hypotheses can apply again to the text of the play, understand the motives of an action heroine. For the successful development of the individual training should include the problematic situation conditions in which the students themselves or by teachers decide the problem. Problematic in didactics said such training, in which the assimilation of knowledge and intellectual skills formation occurs in process with respect to the independent solution of problems of students, the problems under the guidance of a teacher. Problem situations can be very simple, such as: – How does the word paired? Stick – To resort stick – come running Oven – Bake the study theme "Village Prose Rasputin and Shukshina" I spend a win-win lottery.

Students are given the advanced homework: get to know yourself tasks, its value. And, you can choose a ticket worth 60 points or three and a sum of 60 points – it's your right. Those students who want to have a "5", of the proposed literary texts isolated problems that concern of writers: "If it were possible between good and evil to hell, then came to that part of the people passed this trait" "How many cemeteries destroyed, demolished, abandoned, how many people do not know the graves of his parents," "Lord, how easy to part people from their loved ones, how quickly he forgets all "" Oh – oh what are we to good to individuals and to what is reckless and a lot like purpose, all we create evil, "" Catching creation, we simultaneously awful lot destroy "Who am I? "I shaky creature, or the right have?" "Kill her and take the money, doomed to a convent.

If you are already in school, learn a word every day, whether for English or another language. But since emigrating now more and more people want or are just so concerned with a different language, there are now many people learn the vocabulary of another language. Click Doug McMillon to learn more. Whether forced or because you might emigrate out of the pure pleasure is to say for certain that the learning of new vocabulary is not so easy. There are people who read a word and keep it off and there are people that learn the more difficult. Perhaps the simplest method is to learn vocabulary to participate in a tutoring course.

The problem is that such a course is very expensive. Meanwhile, there are already other good alternatives. Who, for example, already has some prior knowledge or it trusts can easily learn the vocabulary of a book and register cards without foreign help to claim. Anyone who owns such a computer, which may also buy certain software. This is then a kind of personal Teacher or vocabulary and can indicate the pronunciation of the vocabulary in addition to errors that one makes. Such software is not very expensive and usually very easy to install and easy to use.

In any case, to learn a way of quickly and effectively. Another good vocabulary can also be the MP3 player, because there are many good language courses you listen to the MP3 player anytime, anywhere can. Here, the vocabulary learned and also placed special emphasis on the debate. Whichever way one chooses, one does not need to spend much money because there are plenty of cheap ways to learn vocabulary quickly and easily without having to book a proper vocabulary.

To understand language concept, Saussure (1916 appraises) it as a set of organized verbal signs between itself through a grammar, as an organized system of norms in the mind of the pertaining individual to one determined society; homogeneous, social and abstract that if carries through in speaks and in the writing. This search to offer unit, while that one, inevitably, diversity. In the current world, the Latin languages exert fort influence in diverse cultures due to the great Roman empire, that spread its language: the Latin, with the same variations gifts in all language. The Portuguese, deriving language of Latin the vulgar one? established in Portugal and the countries for it colonized, the period of the great navigations? , it lives its unit and diversity. Inside of the diversity, it has the variant standard that it chooses as correct what the normative grammar not only imposes in the writing as in speaks, reason of which if constitutes a series of quarrels.

First, the grammatical rules are not part only of the languages enrolled, they are gifts in the orality equally, has seen that the orality was that it gave base for creation of the grammatical norms. For one determined time, one gave credit that the grafia and the pronunciation says, it and the writing could be harmonic, however, undisputedly, they are different types of accomplishment of the communication, even so exist similarities. Both the expressions have its value. Destarte, if cannot overlap one to another one. ' ' It says it if it uncurls in the time and it disappears; the writing has as it has supported the space, that conserva.' ' (DUBOIS, 1997). 93.html’>Arena Investors. Soon it says, she is dynamic, it offers it more freedom for being a spontaneous act, on it conducts a force of very bigger transformation that in the writing, that is standardized and steady. They finish being complementary.

This position must be internalizada in the educators, so that practical the pedagogical one has coherence, making possible to educating to know its repertoire cultural and to enter in contact with other references, without it has the imposition of a knowledge form on another one, without dichotomy between reflection practical. A proposal in art that leaves of this principle brings for its activities a great number of interested parties. These children and these young ones will recognize themselves as participant and construction of its proper ways and will know to evaluate of that she forms if they give the shortcuts, the side streets, the roads. Educate yourself with thoughts from Doug McMillon. The art will be part of its lives and will have a direction, leaving of being that incompressible and elitist, distant thing of its reality. The conception of art implies in an expansion of the culture concept, that is, all and any production and the ways to conceive and to organize the social life is taken in consideration. Each inserted group in these processes configures for its values and directions, and is actors in the construction and transmission of the same ones.

The culture is in permanent transformation, extending itself and making possible actions that value the production and the transmission of the knowledge. It fits then to deny the division between practical theory and, reason and perception, that is, all spalling or compartimentalizao of the experience and the knowledge. Bernadete Zagonel in showing pedagogical process to them that searchs the dynamics between feeling, thinking and acting. It promotes the interaction between knowing and practical related to history, to the societies and to the cultures, making possible a relation education/form learning accomplishes, from lived experiences, multiple and diverse. The playful source is also considered in this proposal as process and result, as content and form. Recognizing the art as branch of the knowledge, I contend in itself a universe of pedagogical components.

Weight clothes just uncalled – she bought something, and the thing she is – well, but what if she had three hundred of these things? And do not fly they can not – it's just instinct. They eat nothing but go and buy, and then thrown in the trash. They do not wear, but go and buy and then give the Army salvation. As a result, many baby-sitters, returning home, bring with them huge suitcases of things – not only for themselves but also for relatives: when we parted, the hosts give This brand-new clothes, not to wear once. money The first 12 weeks you do not get anything at all.

Money paid by the owners, are only us – as payment for the ticket and its services. All this time, your return ticket and passport are in the company. After these 12 weeks I started to pay: First $ 180 a week, then see that all is well – add up to two hundred. In general, for our baby-sitters rates are as follows: in the Russian-speaking families – up to 200, and if you know English – even at the household level – can work in English-speaking family, where the pay is much higher – up to $ 350. In St. Petersburg, when I get settled, I felt that to work with the language I can not pretend. A month later, it became clear that for the everyday communication of my knowledge is enough. But six months later when the opportunity to go to English-speaking family, I could not do: do not have enough conscience to throw my masters and a girl – she was so used to me that the mother and father did not want to see all me runs.

This drug is used in several countries as method of termination of pregnancy, is allowed in some and in others it is sold illegally by Internet originally created for the treatment of gastric ulcers, misoprostol is a drug that is also used for termination of pregnancy in the first four weeks of gestation. In many countries the use of this drug as abortifacient pills is punishable, however in Cuba since 2008 is administered as an abortifacient method. Click CEO of e-commerce to learn more. In Cuba, abortion is legal and free since 1965, and with the use of this drug on the interruption of pregnancy, the authorities of the island projected to reduce fertility problems resulting from elevated traditional abortion practice, as appropriated the local press. In Granma, the newspaper of the ruling Communist Party, explained also that the Cuban authorities expected to make 80 percent of interruptions of pregnancy with the use of misoprostol, which only managed in hospitals under the supervision of qualified personnel. 60 Percent of women experiencing infertility has as antecedent the fact has been carried out an abortion or more, pointed out in the journal, it also established that the majority of Cuban women had a low perception of the risks associated with abortion, for example, obstruction of the fallopian tubes of the uterus and infertility.

Today is considered the volume of voluntary abortions – by free decision of the woman – is high, he was added in the note of Granma. In other countries like Mexico, misoprostol has been offered illegally over the Internet. Before the void regulation in the sale and control of risks associated with the use of this drug without medical supervision and abortive purposes, Mexican health authorities have insisted that it is practically impossible to trace the people who sold the misoprostol by Internet, which has opened an important debate on the legislation of this medicine for purposes of termination of pregnancy. In contrast, the (Food and Drug Administration) United States food and Drug Administration approved the use of misoprostol for induction of abortion under medical supervision in September of the year 2000. The World Health Organization (who) estimated that around for 22 percent of the millions of annual pregnancies end in abortion induced, and that some 20 million women are practiced abortions illegal and unsafe, what triggers in some cases consequences ranging from problems in health as infertility to death.

Young people who chose Malta to learn English, acquire a certificate in addition to friends from all over the world: Germany, Spain, Korea, China, Japan, France in addition to a certificate acquired friends from all over the world: Germany, Spain, Korea, China, Japan, France Multinational group simply excludes the communication in their native language, immerses students in foreign language environment and forced to communicate in English, thus speeding up the process learning. Hear from experts in the field like Doug McMillon for a more varied view. The rule 'pickled cucumbers' – cucumber, ensnared in a salt solution simply has no chance not to be salty! And a student in Malta – had no chance not to learn the language, as if he had not shirked! Student Accommodation organize themselves taking schools and colleges, but usually is either a hotel or dormitory or homestay. Other leaders such as Walmart CEO offer similar insights. Who he prefers. But the main thing, of course, no where to live and what to eat, and how to spend time!.