The motives to use temporary work are for many companies clearly obvious: short response times of the workforce can be adapted quickly and flexibly the needs and that without administrative intervention. Flexible forms of work are the answer to the requirements of a modern workplace. Companies can adjust quickly and flexibly the headcount to peak. Also reduces the administrative burden and no additional costs for the search apply to qualified personnel. Furthermore, employees can be tested as non-binding and also apply if necessary. About one-third of all hired workers is taken over in a conventional employment relationship. This is a reason to decide to escape so the unemployment for temporary employment for many workers. Many workers appreciate the advantage in a temporary agency work.

Good job opportunities arise for young professionals and upgraders, as well as many recovery clean boost. Get the targeted through Workers to sniff opportunity in various appropriate professions and to collect first or new experiences. With the rising unemployment rate rises even the demand for temporary employment agencies. Individual forms of employment offer the chance to create new jobs and to secure employment, which would never have been created in the form of a normal fixed position. In terms of safety and quality, much emphasis is placed in the temporary employment industry. According to the General accident insurance institution, the numbers of accidents at work of temporary workers are falling. About MLS Personalbereitstellung GmbH MLS Personalbereitstellung GmbH is active in the staffing industry for more than 20 years and is one of the largest staffing companies in Austria. Due to the high credit quality, MLS is a reliable partner in the area of personnel deployment. The MLS company provides its customers flexible workers, ranging from skilled workers up to workers in the sectors industrial, commercial, production and the construction industry. This allows employer without increasing their headcount, quickly and with minimal cost master any new operational situation.

Here, young people realized that the growth rate significantly is also determined by external factors. This concerns currently such as the topic of equal pay”, so the potential equal pay by temporary workers and permanent staff. The temporary work industry stands before a major policy decision”, highlighted Frederick p. Kotter significantly. So, proposals for equal pay to the legislature in the current year by the employers Association of the staffing service providers e. V. (BAP) and the interest German time Labor Management Association (IGZ)”will be presented. P.

is important from the perspective of Friedrich Kotter: of course the serious staffing companies such as KAKAR are interested in personal service to a further development of collective agreements and framework conditions. This includes therefore also a viable and flexible solution to the equal pay, which meets the requirements and the important role of time.” To belong in particular, that the time working as an independent industry must further have the freedom to engage in collective bargaining, and it therefore should come by equal pay to an undifferentiated gender. “Just as the dynamic function of the time working for economic and labour market may also in the future remain,” said Frederick p. Kakar. Possible feasible ways are such as industry-specific supplements or levels of regulations on the gradual approximation of the wage, which took into consideration the economic conditions in the individual sectors and hence the feasibility of wage and price increases associated with the clients. Important for a focused discussion on the subject of temporary work was, moreover, overlooking the remuneration to consider not only the entry wage costs for simplest qualifications, but also payment for professionals, She already today clearly also go. In addition to the discussion with the CEO practice stations were the focus. Received the student including important know-how in terms of fire safety, as well as to the important role of money & cash for cash supply in Germany, thereby were occupied emergency and Service Centre (NSL) throw also around the clock a look behind the scenes, of which Kal as well food operates nationwide six more.

Over the State of the art security network KoTTER NET, they are connected to each other. The back up system ensures maximum reliability. The NSL coordinate risk messages as well as messages from the building management. Monthly 1.7 million messages arrive alone in the NSL food, coming from all over Europe. Approximately 95% are processed automatically by the modern control center management system. The specially trained staff that are in the layer system in use, so support still 85,000 messages monthly.