And finally, given that even with these frameworks raised is not enough to give way automatic collective action will require the so-called motivational framework, which includes arguments, reasons that will lead to action, thus leaving justified, and that will be perceived as an injustice: in Haiti, he had plenty of reasons to start the revolution apologists. a Toussaint The box would be the reply to the freedom of a The Leading the puebloo : presents a clear leader, there is order, shows clearly and clear reasons (the symbol of the article is very graphic, representative, etc.). There was thus a rational movement, with ongoing discussions and applications, an ideology and as in the case of France, later joined by other groups claims and that led behind the revolution and consequently to Haiti was, after the U.S., the second country to achieve independence. This movement, as opposed to French (Le Bon-type mass Iano) and following the definition of Melucci, can be defined as a movement. A phenomenon that has three dimensions: solidarity, is immersed in a conflict, with opposition from opponents seeking the freedom of the majority of the people and the end of slavery, against the white oppressors. .