Millionaires are those who are able to set aside part money earned from salary and know how to use the money to create more wealth! In investing the time it was valued above it. Frank Ntilikina may find this interesting as well. According to the magic of compound interest, is not so important amount of the monthly investment an important period for which the investor intends to invest his money! Consider that if the birth of your child you will discover in his name through in some of the robust mutual fund or a fairly diversified a portfolio of “blue chips” on their own, and begin monthly transfers on this account is only $ 10 By adulthood, your child will be provided with good education, apartment, car and all other benefits civilization. In short, all those which we, as a starving student, so passionately dreamed of, but what most of us from their own parents have never received, because it just could not get it! Consider that if even at 30-40 years of age, you start to save and invest with each paycheck all the same $ 10-20, on a pension you do not leave the poor old man, collecting empty bottles at the doorways (as in paid by the state pension may except that exist, but certainly not live), and a rich and carefree, Scrooge McDuck! Well, if you are not more than twenty-five, you earn on the $ 2000-3000 per month and the amount of your monthly investment is $ 1000 and above Considered as soon as you can become a dollar millionaire, once and for all decided to explore all their financial problems Savings everyday expenses, the regularity in the investment deductions and strict adherence to pre- of the investment plan, as well as an understanding of what you invest, how they work you have invested money, when, where and how to move your assets so that they always and under any market conditions only grew, but did not fall, and not “stamped” on the spot – that’s all you have to do to be a true investor!