Dublin, November 28, 2007. Exercise, direct contact with nature and enjoy the scenery, if there is any way of combining these three aspects is a walk through the trails and an excellent destination for this practice are. If there is any way to fully enjoy the scenery and exercise at the same time this is hiking. The mild climate that surrounds, Menorca, Ibiza and can enjoy routes through valleys, mountains, plains and mountains of the islands range allows us to choose the itinerary that best satisfies us. Hiking is one of the most followers wins in the seasons of spring, summer and fall, combining direct contact with nature, with an exercise that becomes as intense as each one you want. Thus, the ride may be slow to "give everything" but who does what he can not help walking, luckily, is enjoying the most beautiful landscapes. Walking does not require excessive physical preparation or an annoying or long travel to the place in which to practice, like other outdoor sports, a trip is enough to let go. However, as it summons the experience, expertise and physical resistance can increase the length and difficulty of the routes, and increases the "appetite" to find elsewhere.

Hiking has become very popular, despite this, environmentalists and other associations agree that mountain is often done improperly, since those who sporadically in areas favorable for this practice are not always aware of the attacks that can occur in these natural places and forget to respect the environment. That's why the hike is essential to respect nature and then enjoy the sport and landscape. In many paths for this practice and the variety gives us a chance to choose. An example is the public estate of Son Real is situated on the northeast coast of in the municipality of Santa Margalida. This farm is a veritable outdoor museum, with archaeological remains and the natural beauty becomes one for a walk outdoors. If you want to know more about this place or in other tourist options you can find useful information on the portal. In addition to offering a comprehensive guide to activities of these islands, will find this site offers tours, useful information for passengers and flights and all about. Victoria Molnar For more information: