From his bed Esther, could to listen shouts, moaned and some weeping desperate, in moment in that stretcher stopped to front, where two guards helped the nurses to place on the bed a man who had the torn legs, and the right ankle hanging of the nerves. What I cause arches to him, something that attempt to contain covering the mouth and determining its glance towards its legs. Veo that is well I examine a nurse visually already can retire. It saw it to Esther go towards the bed of the flank as much abra curtain, where a woman who maintained the legs open and, between her legs lay recostada a German dog that was patch to its owner (then that supposed) by the sexual apparatus. Stunned and full from fear I arrive to the hotel, the elevator was empty, which gave time him to cry, while it glimpsed its image in the mirror of this, I am crouched until the floor and covering its face sob.

When the elevator was only abri could observe the close corridor filled with color doors mahogany with the drawn numbers, the walls were yellow pale and the white flat sky like the floor. Although the surroundings were warm and illuminated, the lights did not serve, only one that was in the end and that did not manage to illuminate beyond the third of the passage, way towards the third door of the left and turning the knob was introduced within the department. These are hours to return had reproached him their mother it saw when it enter. I feel responded to It I entertained myself with Julia, will not return to happen. you feel well I ask to him when seeing to happen it of length towards its alcove. The department was small just by three doors; two dormitories and the bath, without counting the free space that it lodged the kitchen, the room and the dining room.