The contribution may consist of raw materials, capital, technology, knowledge of the market, sales and channels of distribution, personnel, financing or products, or what is the same: the simple know-how, resources or capital. This Alliance will not imply the loss of identity and individuality as legal person significant questions for its scope and impact such as: why make use of Joint Venture? What are you required to give life? What are their characteristics? What is their behavior, reach? To mention a few. It reminds us, that there are no requirements on how to act together. Companies can sign a collaboration agreement, constitute a temporary Union of companies (UTE) or even a company partly owned by both. It is necessary, however, a long-term commitment, and is also characteristic of the joint venture that the companies remain independent among themselves (there no fusion no absorption). In a joint venture partners tend to continue operating their businesses or businesses independently. The joint venture represents a business, this time with a partner, whose profits or losses reported in the income statement of each depending on the legal form that the own joint venture has been structured.

Also indicated, that the joint venture offers an opportunity to act in a way together to overcome barriers, including trade barriers in a new market or to compete more efficiently in the current. It is very common, therefore, to find the creation of joint ventures to access foreign markets that require important investments and a specific know-how of the country which tries to enter (to which one of the partners tends to be a national company who knows the market, and the other one who aims to introduce its products). Be present in the analysis, as a model of corporate organization, the Joint Venture not known a conceptual framework established and recognized through the world. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak can aid you in your search for knowledge. In the majority of countries where there is, there is an absence of a comprehensive regularisation, which allows that this figure is more a standard practice. .