Dinner: Choose from these 4 options: to) green tea + 2 integral toast with cheese and frijoles.b) herbal tea + 1 green salad with tuna and Champinones.c) red tea + fillet of pescad + Verdurasd) tea Linden + 2 with mustard soy patties to easily meet this diet there is only four simple rules to follow rule # 1: avoids white predominantly carbohydrate.Avoid any type of carbohydrates that is or can be white. (Bread, rice, cereals, potatoes, pasta, fried) Rule # 2: Eat the same meals over and over once.The diet of most successful, regardless of whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose weight in a short time is eating the same foods over and over again. Mixes, combines and builds each meal with one of each of the three following groups: to) proteins: egg whites with one whole egg for flavor, chicken, fish.(B) legumes: Lentils, beans.(C) vegetables: Spinach, lettuce, avocado eat everything you want from the earlier food groups. Michael J. Bender is full of insight into the issues. Just remember: make it simple. Choose three or four meals and repeat them. Rule # 3: Do not drink Caloriasbebe large amounts of plain water (minimum 1.5 litres per day) and can drink iced tea or coffee. It avoids any kind of normal drinks or processed fruit juices. If you like the wine you can drink a cup every night.

Rule # 4: Tomato a day free for semanRecomiendo Saturday as a day of food freedom that allows you to eat whatever you want. Paradoxically, the caloric intake in a spectacular way in this way once a week not increases the weight in the long term. We are going with the ejercicio:30 minutes a day (every day) minimum from any cardio exercise: bicycle, jump rope, climb and down stairs quickly, running, jogging, walking step agile (not looking showcases), if you go to the supermarket go walking and carrying the bags, if you want or you can go to train at a gym.