If you have a slim body without muscle, with patience and dedication, you can achieve gain muscle mass, and then dialing tone your muscles and get the body you always get desired. They are those many wedges you can do to develop your muscle mass: increase muscle involves weight gain and for this it is necessary that we increased the quantity and quality of food that we provide to our body. You must consume more calories and proteins, which encourage muscle growth, consuming carbohydrates, which provide energy during workouts and allow us a quick physical recovery after training. Eat every three hours to avoid used muscle tissue as energy when your body requires it. Nutrition is important but the training must not be neglected: start your workouts with simple exercises, it is recommended to perform a warm up half an hour that includes aerobics, bicycle among others, for a period not superior half an hour. Performs training using simple exercises such as sit-ups, push-ups of arm movements of oars, used high weights to arrive around ten repetitions.

After each series, take a deep breath, take air, uses the time necessary to recover your strength (which is relatively short to avoid muscle cooling). It avoids train the same muscle group two days in a row. You do not sobreentrenes, that do not exceed your training time and a half daily. If you do you could cause irreparable muscle damage and an arrest in the increase of muscle mass. Don’t forget, after training, a few minutes stretching exercises that help you to relax your muscles.

Remember to take enough water, two, three liters during trainings and in between meals, it is very important that you keep hydrated. The rest is an essential part of the recovery of the muscles, sleep long enough to replenish your strength, resting your muscles and streamlines the process of muscular development.