National Democratic Front Bodolenda

Among the developers of the bill – the upper house speaker Sergei Mironov. Moscow City Duma in session also supported the bill to the State Duma, Russia's transition to providing standard time. Recall, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in November 2009 during the annual address to the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation proposed to discuss the feasibility of daylight saving time, and to consider reducing the number of time zones. Russia has 11 time zones. The head of WWF Russia (WWF), Igor Chestin considers that the abolition of the transition to winter time will increase energy consumption in Russia, which in turn may increase greenhouse gas emissions by power plants. Translation of the shooter for one hour at the time was administered to In order to make maximum use of daylight. With the rejection of the transition to winter time obviously will increase energy consumption, and this in turn leads to the fact that power plants will be in even greater volume of disposed greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, said Chestin.

Cancel the transition to winter time would increase daylight in Siberia, which will positively affect the health of Siberians. Experts estimate that now by switching to winter time savings range from 0.1% to 0.2% of total electricity consumption. At the same time, resulting in energy efficiency programs could save Russia about 40%. Indian gunmen kidnapped six environmental reserve in the WWF north-eastern India last week gunmen kidnapped six environmentalists World Wildlife Fund (WWF), who were involved in the census of tigers and elephants in Assam in northeastern India. The police suspect that a crime may be involved militants separatist group National Democratic Front Bodolenda (NDFB), which operates in the area.

Abducted doing census of elephants and tigers located near Manas Ultapani Nature Park as part of the Government of India, accounting programs of these animals by using new techniques. Several days later, militants set free three people – female part of a group of environmentalists. All three of WWF employee feel good. Meanwhile, three other employees of the fund are still held hostage. Information on the requirements of militants have been reported yet. Manas park, established in 1928 year, spread at the foot of the Himalayas near the border with Bhutan. In addition to tigers and elephants live here unique golden langurs, wild buffaloes, Indian rhinoceroses. In 1985, the UN has made the park's World Heritage List. Felling oak Khimkinskaya begin in late 2011, construction work for laying tracks through the Khimki forest resumed in mid-March, said on Thursday first deputy chairman of state-owned 'Russian roads' ('Avtodor'), Sergei Kelbakh. He also said that the felling of oak Khimkinskaya will not begin before the end of 2011. Oak Grove is an island stretch of 450 meters and 100 meters wide. Recall that the final decision on construction of new toll motorway Moscow – St. Petersburg through Khimki Forest December 14, 2010 announced the Government Commission Vice-Premier Sergei Ivanov. Recall Plans construction of the highway through the Khimki forest evoked protests from many local residents and environmentalists, and after the August clashes 'defenders Khimki Forest' with the builders, the Russian president Dmitry Medvedev instructed the government to halt construction and to hold additional public and expert discussion of the project. Environmentalists have argued that cutting down swaths under the road will destroy the entire forest Khimki, but experts have once again endorsed the originally approved project. Authorities, in turn, promise to fully compensate for deforestation.