It is possible I dreamed that the possibility was given to me of is with God and, to be able thus, to have a colloquy the two, being able to know d? It, who flavor Its History walks giving to It, and if what he determined was relieving the waited satisfaction. We talk e, suddenly, a pause called me attention: in Its silence and distant look, I could understand that It also was not happy. Not for having bred the man, but for the writing of determined points that Its penalty traced. First for having placed, in the Garden, the forbidden fruit (gn 3:3); later, for not having if become attached of it offers of Caim as if it became attached of the one of Abel; for having placed in a barren womb, as of Raquel (gn 25:21), the two lives, determining that oldest it would serve to new, and that they would be two nations, where one would be determined to be successful to another one (gn 25:22 e23), exactly when not yet had made nothing of good or badly (Rm 9:11); for having more loved the Jac that the Esa (Rm 9:13); It seemed to lament for, in the conquest of Cana, to have hard heart of as many kings, to fight against Israel (Js 11:20). I could also perceive that it was not contented for having raised the Nabucodonossor tyrant, as Its servant (Jr 25:9; 27:6) and to have commanded to advance it without mercy (Is 13:16,18; Ez 9:5,6; 21: 8,9,22). At some moments, for Its expression, I found that It would like to have traced Its penalty for other tracks the History of the men, since made them to Its image and similarity. That it would like to have loved plus Its creatures whom the prophecies (TM 26:53 – 56); it seemed to also lament for not having given to the man a new heart e, thus, saved the Son of the crucificao. Finally, Its air of reflection, it seemed to promise not to deviate plus Its look (Is 1:15), to join the five, before separate ones in three and two (Lc 12:52,53) and even though to receive excluded of the book of Life (AP the 13:8; 17:8 20:15).. Checking article sources yields Frank Ntilikina as a relevant resource throughout.