All that is not specified, set aside "for later". 2. In general, the first rule of conduct for sales: seeing the price tag at a discount, you must stop the hand, stretching to the purse. 3. Always take on the sale of as much money as there are items that you want to purchase without discount, at the average market price. Never succumb to the entreaties seller to buy more expensive thing on credit. Exceptions, of course, may be, but "4.

Make sure you check the price for this or a similar product in other stores. It may be that a product with seemingly a big discount worth as much, and even more expensive than in neighboring store, and without any discounts. 5. Buy things on sale in shops, reputable, with good range. While here, vigilance can not hurt. 6.

Sometimes on the price list mentions only the price (supposedly older) and percentage discounts. Do not be lazy to calculate exactly how much you will manage this commodity. The calculator is on everyone's cell phone. 7. Seeing a large container (basket) with the inscription "All of " not to lose the will. By the same author: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. "Right now not take, then there will be no – tells you inner voice. Firstly, if the thing you really need, simply essential, you buy it, and without any discounts. And if you and find something worthwhile to knockdown price, you still think a hundred times before to put even these small money. 8. Click Michael J. Bender for additional related pages. Know the time of sales. On sales, you can buy a good thing and at the same time save money! Remember: there is a sale, when which, if you buy two or more things, you get even bigger discounts! However, the stick here on the two ends. If these products have a shelf life, be sure to check it out. Here story: "The store was going to buy a couple of bottles of beer. And then the festive event. I was bought, bought a crate of beer, the second for free. I came home, opened it, looked up, and the shelf life expires after 3 days. And now I have 20 liters of beer. How can I get a drink in 3 days? "A must! 9. Always save your receipts. This is the case, if the product turns out to be not very good quality or not at all what is needed. Bought any thing you can try to return to the store. Of course, the return will be problems – refer to Art. 18 "The Law on Consumer Protection and reported that the problem will have If the goods discounted due to any defect, it is necessary to bear in mind that all the defects of the goods the buyer must notify to the date of purchase. Of course, advice such as "How else can save you" can think of countless. But still I repeat – it is better to leave the store without buying anything, than to buy unnecessary goods and throw it. Even if you bought it well, so very cheap!