Every year the popularity of motorcycles is growing exponentially. More and more people have four wheels to two. Everyone has their own reasons for changing the mode of transport. Someone else in his youth spent the night riding on the flight on ”, ‘Yavah’ and ‘Ural’ and days repairing them in the garage and nostalgia for his youth makes purchase motorcycles, someone can not make multi-kilometer traffic jams and takes a motorcycle to increase mobility, and for someone is a lifestyle. In any case, transplanting to a modern motorcycle should be especially cautious and does not refer to the technique as a regular toy. Park motorcycles rising, and at the same time increasing disappointing statistics Motorcyclist deaths. That would not join the ranks of these statistics need to follow simple rules of riding a motorcycle, which I will describe in this article.

1) Choosing your first bike, does not seek directly to a large cubic and herd horsepower. This is a major mistake novice motorcyclists. Begin training in motoshkole better with 125-250 units of vat and after honing skills on the court to acquire its first four cc motorcycle. This amount of forgiving beginner riders, which is not the liter models. Choosing a class of motorcycle is better to stop the election on road bikes such as Honda cb 400sf, Yamaha srx 400, YamahXJR400 and others. 2) Try to pass introductory course in modern motoshkole where they teach not only the required exercises for the date of the law, but survival on the road.

Tuition fees will be repaid with interest on the savings treatment, and plastic. 3) When driving in the traffic try to be visible on the road. Certainly, when you went by car more than once spotted in the last minute rider and miraculously escaped the accident with .Teper you are on their site. Many motorcyclists wear elyumestsentnye vests, put Xenon on motorcycles or straboskopy. This allows the rider from afar to see and avoid an accident. 4) When driving through the city must constantly keep at least two fingers on the brake lever. This reduces the number of seconds in emergency braking, sometimes they just will not suffice. When rebuilding the party’s unexpected moves you instantly sreagiruete. 5) When you move between rows in the tube, do not type high speed. Since then the drivers who can prespichet out or just open the door to throw an ashtray, and you are at this moment rush at high speed past his car. 6) Stop at the crossroads between the best standing near the car, not in front of them. Since a stroke Zadie they absorb shock and take it on themselves and not give it to you. 7) Buying a bike is not worth saving at the defense. It often helps to avoid serious injury. Chris Berman gathered all the information. Of course all the techniques of safe driving can not be present article they just need to feel on the road, and it comes with experience.

Today really meet in reality a large number of organizations that offer courses driving. But sometimes in order to select a really high-grade education, it is necessary literally turn off the whole mountain. Since a large number of car owners driving courses preparing not only for driving, as successful completion of testing in the sai, the level of training and such. The most significant attention is given to the theoretical part, what about the practice, then it stands a very small amount of training time. But in fact, to drive a car well the most important – it driving instruction, rather than the subtleties of its parts.

Of course, you must learn the rules of traffic, and yet for the actual running of the tc will not be quite enough, because the principal amount of accidents involving inexperienced drivers triggered by lack of skills of this driving. In this case, after accidents, many drivers, even if a driver's license can not return to management vehicle for purely psychological reasons. But there are no desperate situations. In the present situation is the most direct auto efficient way to travel, so who knows the teacher can help novice or car owner after an accident again feel confident behind the wheel. For this is still required to select Autocourses wherever taught proper real driving, but not associated moments. After all, every car has its own "character" and subtlety of control that the car owner must all be considered. It is known that a car with working on the principle of automatic and mechanical-type box gear may differ significantly from each other, because if you could learn to ride a "machine", and then had to steer a car with manual transmission, you will need avtoinstruktor ilac who will be able to interpret the subtleties of applied trigger mechanical-type gearbox in the free form of presentation. Because the most important – is to understand the basic principle of control over the car, further All will practice. For a large number of motorists, particularly those who are sitting behind the steering wheel all day long, thumb involvement of specific knowledge in general is complicated. And in order to stock up on valuable skills driving, or expand the range of personal skills, good all the time just to make stronger their skills with the assistance of a knowledgeable teacher. Just so you really be sure that that cope with the large number of complex situations on the road.

Forward flow as an alternative to the standard exhaust system, I suggest using a direct-flow components with an increased bore and 51 mm. Many people probably now think – "forward flow it is very loud! I will be heard a kilometer away, and his head is permanently hum " In fact, the view of the high volume of direct-flow exhaust system is wrong. Recently Larry David sought to clarify these questions. Do not confuse them with the roaring at night tips on the muffler. Data device does not have any relation to a full straight-through system, except that the diameter of the tip looks like. The same from them there is absolutely no benefit, except to lay the ears at high speeds. While the present invention is very common among young people.

As they say to each his own. Good, high-quality direct-flow exhaust system will never be roaring, ringing, and publish other unpleasant sounds. As a rule, it has a pleasant, rumbling bass at low revs. At speed, if not to press pedal'ku the floor, right forward flow is almost inaudible. So, we decided to change the standard exhaust on the ramjet. The question immediately arises, what manufacturer you choose? In the market there are plenty of companies offering similar products. There are very expensive: Remus, Powerful, hks, etc. But why pay extra money for a great brand if you can get similar quality components are several times cheaper? For example in Togliatti is a firm "Stinger Sports, which sells its products under the trademark Stinger.

There are many reasons: 1. Low cost of Korean buses in comparison with foreign analogues, 2. The assembly is simple and reliable, which makes repair and maintenance of low-cost and cost 3. Design Coach postoyanoo improved taking into account new razraboto 4. Compliance with technical norms and standards in Russia, that apply to passenger buses; 4.Idealno proven to Roossiyskih conditions. Thanks efficiency, reliability, modern design, comfort, Korean buses secured a leading position in the Russian market of passenger transport.

Hyundai Aero city 540, holds the leading position among the urban passenger transport as the bus everything is made comfortable transport .Nalichie two doors you can save time for embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, your seat correctly allocated to "sit" and "Standing" room, a large number of handrails handles makes movement in the moving bus, bezopasnym.Konditsioner, vehemently lighting, additional security system makes a comfortable movement of passengers bus. Hyundai County – it's the middle link between city buses and minibuses. It is characterized by its compactness and agility on urban roads. Thanks to modern interior design, the presence of 19 seats, wide aisles between passengers feel comfortable and convenient. Ideal option for routing passengers and staff to deliver on the job. A big plus Korean buses – the location of steering to the left, which corresponds to Russian standards.