Besides the modalities already implemented, caving, horse riding, sailing and diving specialties titles have been approved and are in the process of drafting new degrees of judo and self-defense, fencing, tennis, golf, canoeing and taekwondo, among others. Titles of Grado Medio last academic year 2009-2010, more than 3,700 students enrolled in any of the 18 cycles of average degree of sports lessons that are taught today in our country, 73% more than in the 2006-2007 academic year. Among the students, men are most, considerably, and stand out among their elections modalities of soccer and skiing. This training graduates reported appropriate competencies for defogging professional functions pertaining to deportiva initiation and the modernization and driving activities or practices of sport that corresponds to the mode filed. To access these teachings, which are taught in 50 schools in the Spanish geography, is necessary to have the title of graduate in secondary education. However, they can also enter pupils aged 17, by passing a specific test on the contents of the compulsory secondary education. This can be replaced by proof of access to the vocational training of medium grade. On the other hand, some sports may establish a minimum age of access and the overcoming of a test-specific, although this requirement are exempt who certify the condition of sportsmen of high level or high performance.

The studios have a minimum of 1,000 hours spread over an initial cycle (minimum 400 hours) and a final cycle. These cycles are structured to turn in common sports lessons, each mode or specialty-specific modules and practical training. The current titles are the following: mountain and climbing: sportive technician in mountaineering, rock climbing, canyoning and half mountain. Winter sports: sportive technician in alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding. : Futsal sportive technician in football and soccer.