The work market is demanding each time more than the professionals, and those students who are leaving average education now must prepare themselves to give vestibular contest in the best universities of the country. College SP and Curitiba College between are looked in Brazil, therefore they offer diverse courses, beyond competent professors, who to promise to form qualified professionals. The courses offered in these facultieses vary between most traditional until most recent. Also it has after-graduations, mestrados, doutorados and other courses to perfect its resume. It has some years, to only have concluded average education already was enough to be able to find good and steady a job. However, much thing moved, and the more qualification the person will have, greater will be the possibility to find a job that guarantees a steady financial situation from its work.

Beyond average education, the student must enter a quality university, therefore in such a way she will have more possibilities to find a good one job in the future. The choice of a profession must be thought with tranquilidade and some factors must be taken in consideration. Many professions already are saturated in the market and the students whom to opt to them need to adjust itself to the new requirements, as, for example, to make specialization courses. The extracurricular activities are an excellent option for those colleges student whom they desire if to detach of excessively. These activities go since lessons of a foreign language, to the participation in workshops and lectures promoted for the university or any another institution.

When the institution offers events as this, the students must be on not to lose chances that can later be decisive. During the year, some institutions bring palestrantes of the most diverse areas for the university cities. Are names respected and recognized in the market of work and the sectors where they act. The college student must show interest in extending and perfecting its resume. Beyond a good college, she is necessary that the proper student runs behind certain objectives, what will make with that it has left to the front of the colleagues in the search for a job. If to leave in the lessons and tests well is basic, but this is not only sufficiently. The student must look new things is of the university, beyond if involving in periods of training and activities promoted for the proper institution of education where she studies. All form of experience is valid for the practical learning of the college student. However, it does not advance to leave for there looking for everything, without a clear-cut focus. A success professional possesss humanistic and cultural characteristics, beyond techniques that if learn inside of the walls of the university. Creativity also is a good characteristic taken in account for the companies. The degree of sociability and fellowship with colleagues also influences in job decisions. A good professional goes very beyond good notes. She is necessary always to bet in the differential and to know what the market of work is searching in you. Therefore, it invests in knowledge, culture and education.