So simple, can prepare a little treat others when you wanted to congratulate someone for the birthday earlier, you has written a letter or taken the telephone handset in the hand, unless you directly and personally could shake hands with that person. The congratulation behavior however has changed over time: In the Internet age, there are new paths that have been established especially for the young target group. On social networks, it congratulates able on the wall, via Twitter to send short greetings, images are sent via electronic greeting cards birthday and then there is of course still the SMS, which is still well in the race. The electronic greeting cards (referred to as E-cards) are the old form of the postcards or letters to the next. These are mostly free through numerous greeting cards portals on the Internet. Out to simply locate a matching greeting card motif is on such a portal, or upload own motive. The greeting cards are usually after events sorted, so that the motif selection easy.

To write even a nice greeting and already you can send the card by entering the email address of the addressee. (Note however 2 things: 1) never specify the full address for sending greeting cards – this is usually an indication of rip off with hidden costs. (2) do not in all cases your greeting card is also, as some spam filters may block this also. Should it be a greeting card with extremely important content (“the birthday of the mother”), it is advisable, once again to telefonieren. The joy is not less as a result.

We can expect no gratitude for our achievements as a mother, it is clear to all of us. But that our education should be responsible for the whole misfortune of our children, that hurts. “When Daniel was on the road, it was clear for me that I not going back after maternity leave in the Office. I must put children into the world if I take not myself. This is my opinion. I never had the feeling that mental stimulation and contacts would have missed or that I had brought no performance. My two children disagree. Last Christmas, said Daniel, who is now 24 and studying: “Dad I’m sorry.

He’s like a plow horse. While you’re you a beautiful day, he works like crazy. r. I’m getting married to a cricket on the hearth definitely not. His sister wants to be also not like I. This is totally stupid if they give up on his life, my 22 year old daughter said: you have not really to give what his children. You can expect more from a mother who has a qualified job. It already hurts when so devalue one of the children. Then we would have fun definitely delicious Annette, 51, since 25 years housewife if it were not to cry, or we’d be at least outraged.

Finally, we belong to the generation of women who can boast of a decent education. We can read, and have made use of them extensively. And we have gobbled up white romances not only God, but have resulted in us and peruse an education advisor. In short: We thought about well when and under what circumstances we use how many children in the world and how we raise them, whether. But no matter what and how we did it, it was wrong! What in all over the world have we done actually, that we are responsible for everything? How do you deal with such allegations? The book “mother is all school” understands itself as counsel and Advisor for mothers who have to deal with allegations of youthful or even long adult children. The complete first chapter, and more is published here: leseprobe.html

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A wonderful life journey begins. Walmart CEO pursues this goal as well. You make plans together and tackle projects. Wishes are and want to be carried out, one want to assist each other in career and child-rearing. Eventually it dawns then perhaps: the partner fulfills not all expectations we had. He loses its shine.

Weaknesses and problematic properties appear. For example his looseness suddenly emerges as unreliability, its ability to make spontaneous contact arises as superficial its cosiness as laziness swagger out,. Disillusionment is coming. A counterpart with shortcomings and weaknesses is visible. They experienced themselves so far perhaps as open, tolerant, honest, faithful, humorous, responsible, motivated, domesticated, docile and tolerant.

And now they must determine in the lived partnership relationship that they have have quite different properties. Of course, such experiences also by feelings of shame are accompanied. Both must come to terms with the own strengths and weaknesses, as well as that of the partner. Both must learn to accept themselves and others, such as they are. Decide for each other means: to be there for each other and for each other to stand up. This important decision for each other opens up new possibilities for living and at the same time narrows. With the decision for each other they robbed other potential choices. Death do us part”, it is also that a Yes to the inevitability of yourself – letting up and with each other wrestling. Those who opt for joint children, enters a big responsibility, Yes, committed for many years, in some ways even on a whole life. In a world that seems full of promise, prospects and options, this is not an easy task. Who chooses but not really hindered himself, to realize the opportunities, to deepen and to make, really who wish to come to the world with the chosen partner. The love for the partner needs regular attention, they will thrive.