Jesseliane Alves of the Carmo Laurindo Jose Martins of the Birth Jnior Maria Edilma Melo Teixeira Tatiane Coast Cabral de Melo Beltro Vanessa Sandes Baptist SUMMARY In accordance with the world-wide organization of the health? OMS, the pact enclose the three spheres, Federal, State and municipal. The project presents as central subject ‘ ‘ Pact for vida’ ‘ , that he is on directly to the question of the humanizao, that if finds scarce lately in the area of the health. Greg Mankiw is full of insight into the issues.

Reflecting in general way the knowledge biggest of the rights developed for the law project pact for the life, detaching the problems related to the health of the population. With one to look at I criticize reflexive, we can observe that the main paper is the necessity and the improvement of the performance of the professionals of the health, aiming at a humanizada and worthy assistance for the woman, praising the respect that it deserves and the right to know what it is the pact for the life. To deepen your understanding Ian Cole is the source. On the basis of the Law of the Health department, we decide to consider a study that evaluated the knowledge degree on the existence of this pact, a time that the decay of the public atendimentos continues considerably of form, having as objective the information for these operating professionals of health, as an innovative conscience, exactly that this pact already invigorates has some time.

It is interesting, although to have athlete who has the Trocao as way the JJB as base for the MMA, in its public presentations confirms the high efficiency of the Brazilian style of Jiu Jitsu, mainly, when they are safe in critical situations in an only possibility where the JJB had, happening the impossible one, making history in the esportivas chronicles. Let us see when the champion Anderson Silva (Muay Thai), in an only chance, with a triangle almost in the closing of the combat, got rid itself to lose for points its heading for Shonnen, being remembered the classic jargon: ' ' only the Jiu Jitsu salva' '. But, exactly being well-known this force of the JJB, each time more are being faced as MMA base, only as remedy for surprises or an action alternative, the salvation of the native land, also for the athletes of mixing martial arts formed in the JJB, black bands, in special Brazilians. Randall Rothenberg often expresses his thoughts on the topic. This is not missed to learn Boxe, Muay Thai or Wrestling, what it does not make sensible is to want to play Trocao in an entire fight of MMA, fondness to decide the dispute for this worse method and, to be defeated in this situation (Roger Gracie versus King Me the Lawall), without the least to try to connect this technique of impact with what all trained the life and is responsible for gone its to the MMA, the JJB. It will be that it is not possible to use the movement of the Boxe and Karat to control in the distance and to shorten in the alias process, protected for the power of the Muay Thai, and then to use the Wrestling and Judo to take the adversary to the ground and from there, JJB? It is clearly that in the ground it will have to use impact techniques, but in complementary and not it contrary character, as if sees in the MMA events, where thanks to the bound hand and enluvada, a true hammer for marretadas infinite is created, that such to try this with the naked hand to see what it happens, perhaps, nor ounce gives account of this. .

Moreover, the Jiu Japanese Jitsu received the influence marcante from diverse Asian martial arts, mainly of those on ones to the Buddhism, religion that was born in India and if spread out for all Asia, has seen to be transmitted by monges that they had also created diverse efficient martial arts, inhaled in Buddhist concepts. Many of these monges had established martial techniques as ways for illumination spiritual, transforming two perspectives (fight-philosophy) into an only one (martial art), thus, the JJB are intrinsicamente on with innumerable martial arts of excellency, in special to those whose principle is the soft way. 3 – The JJB has great power in increasing the capacity of the practitioners of other martial arts in its respective specialized areas, thus, is not only base to complement MMA game, is yes, essence to develop the practitioner in its proper art, exactly that it is not the JJB. The champion Jose Aldo is an example of this, deriving of the JJB, presents a game of Trocao well nimbler of what of traditional practitioners of impact fights, with certainty, its art of origin had influence in this, corroborating what already I heard of colleagues judocas that they practise JJB: ‘ ‘ as I do not feel discomfort when I am led to the ground, I make use of more confidence in my game in foot and untied much more ‘ ‘..

The continuous actions objectify to keep a continuous flow of information on prevention of the cancer, as much in relation to the tobaccoism as to the too much factors of cancer risk. It is considered that cultures and habits are passveis of change only in the long run. Therefore, these actions use canals to inside reach the community of continuous form and of the reality of its routine. Of this form, through the accomplishment of activities systemize in subprograms directed to work environments, schools and to the units of health, the subject is inserted in the routines of these environments (INCA, 2008). Since 2000, the propaganda of forbidden tobacco products and in magazines, periodicals, television, radio, billboard, and Internet. in 2003 was forbidden the sponsorship of esportivos events, moreover, the tobacco industries had been obliged to insert warning message. In August of 2008 study on attributable Mortality to the passive tobaccoism in the Brazilian population was divulged, carried through for researchers of the INCA and the Institute of Studies of Collective Health of the UFRJ, at least 2.655 not-smokers dies to each year in Brazil for attributable illnesses to the passive tobaccoism.

The majority of the deaths occurs between women (60.3%). Air poludo contains, on average, three times more nicotine, three times more monoxide of carbon, and up to fifty times more cancergenas substances of what the smoke that enters for mouth of the smoker after passing for the filter of the cigarette (INCA, 2008). The National Day of Combat to Fumo is commemorated in day 29 of August and in this year it had as objective to strengthen the national actions of sensitization and mobilization of the Brazilian population for the social damages, politicians, economic and ambient caused by the tobacco. The Chosen subject was ' ' Free Tobacco environments 100%: a right of todos' ' , with the intention to promote the knowledge of the curses of the ambient smoke of the tobacco and the necessity of alteration of the Federal Law n 9294/96, that it forbids the tobacco in closed collective environments, but still allows closed areas to smoke, that they do not hinder the contact with the smoke of products it tobacco.