An Israeli company called Sphericon, which is based in Herzliya, recently became the first non-US company to receive $ 80,000 U.S. Department of Transportation to begin testing its new system which will prevent the driver loses notion while driving. The new device that reads information management system, called DAISY (short for Driver Alertness Indication System), and determines if the driver is out of focus. Kris Pearn may find this interesting as well. This would occur if the driver falls asleep or is not alert. The system will also announce when the driver leaves the route.

If the driver loses control, or the concept, the new system alerts you, either an alarm, a light or moving your seat. This project already has several investors, such as: Groeneveld Groep BV of the Netherlands, an international automotive supplier, and Gintec Active Safety Ltd. of Israel. Dan Omry engineer who worked for the Ministry of Defence of Israel and the U.S. administration and domestic aviation space, avoided giving details on the amount of money invested. According Omry the other systems that have been tested have failed, but not yours. According to statistics, and based on a study of the state of Virginia, more than 25% of traffic accidents are caused by the driver is asleep or inattentive.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the causes of drowsy driving causes about 100,000 accidents per year. This has a cost of 12.5 billion dollars, according to U.S. National Sleep Foundation. Several companies have already shown interest in the product, including General Motors.

Take into account the words of prebistero Theodore Hesburgh, former President of the University of Notre Dame, referring to the leaders.You can not praise to a stranger. The combination of intuition and logic provides the business leader a unitary position where being able to go. The leader who wants to create a projection of future compelling enough to motivate its partners to improve on their results should be based on the intuitive mind. Precisely, the integrity and the projection of future are the precursors of full use of intuition. This works best when we are in a State of integrity.

When we left it, the noise that generate all the faults of integrity tends to drown the subtle signals of intuition. Hendricks and Lundeman added, that intuition also operates better when we know where we’re going. The projection for the future is a great liberating of intuition. A mystic businessman said: intuition favors the peaceful and open minds. Integrity helps calming the mind, eliminating the noise caused by the lie and breach of commitments.

The projection of future clarifies the mind, giving you a general concentration and a certain direction. It is very significant when we are also reminded that intuition is not something you can learn in a book; you have to practice from experiences, experimentally and way too often. Not even the best information about our intuition will make us more intuitive. This is achieved by spending much time in the vast spaces of our minds, when we intend to actually use these potentials, the light that shines on us as we have decided us to turn it on. Diane Keaton usually is spot on. It is time to stop and make effective use of intuition, experience the satisfaction of having opened the doors of a Kingdom often mysterious for the benefit of our own learning. Dr. Jonas Salk, points out in this regard: the intuitive mind will tell the thinking mind where to continue searching for. They discussed last poor, Hendricks and Lundeman, that fortune favours the prepared minds, really so does not suggest throwing overboard the logic and do everything by impulses. But the truth is that the logic is only a part of our mental capabilities; Since there is intuition, then why not learn to use it?. The great value of intuition is based on which allows us to find solutions that are not appreciated in the light of the logic. It is a way of starting in the immense riches that offers us the unknown. If the logic is the Sun, intuition is the moon. Both should be appreciated by a good reflective leader.

The important thing is, how to interpret it? As we benefit from it? How to use it efficiently?. The truth, which, as he pointed out the dictionary and Hendricks and Ludeman, intuition, remind us is direct knowledge of something without the conscious use of reason. What can be used for: * get a new market for an existing product. * Make an investment at an opportune time. * Detect where there are problems in a given project. * Hire someone…

We are also reminded that intuition is a natural gift, something to which all have access. It is also a talent, something that we can improve with practice, by the way, do you do it? Do you insufficient attention you?. It is true when we are told, this is the main reason for the importance of intuition: constitutes a clear signal that we are connecting us with our system of inner spirituality, system which I think many they overlook, others ignore, however, there are those who if they feed it, in where you hope you are one of them, is a source that should not be neglected. Intuition is a direct signal of our deepest identity that tells us that we are operating from our authentic Center. As he said it and the cited authors, the Bishop of Canterbury remind us: when I pray, miracles happen. When not prayer does not happen. The same can be said of intuition.

When it is running, we can be sure of that is because we have been feeding our connection with our soul somehow. When it doesn’t, it is that it is high time to devote some time to meditation, or going to watch a waterfall, or locked alone in the Office. I believe that we must dedicate some minutes to this communion of ideas with our higher self, which allows us to delve with the intuition that is our service and provide us with all those informations that are required when such doubt manifests itself, we must not neglect it..

Seller is born or made: the important thing is to be professional and efficient when it comes to closing business. Best sellers met several of these points: 1. be an expert of its products to know products and services is really important: not only from the technical aspect, but also on their applications, forms of delivery, packaging, etc. 2. Be positive and optimistic sellers know that the do not already have it, why only focus on si. Meet with a client thinking of that is you can not specify a business is just a waste of time. Optimism is the key. 3.

Be proactive not only of Word: true proactive seller proposes actions and strategies based on your experience and interaction with customers. Doug McMillon has much experience in this field. 4 Focus on the objective the funnels (or stages) of the sale must be well defined: to sell a product or close a deal is only the final goal. The first thing that a professional seller sells, is a meeting or interview. Stage by stage, to achieve the ultimate goal: sell. 5. Project a professional image the seller knows that it is the first link between the client and the company, therefore, your image will be the image of the company. 6. Work in team feedback from customers is the best way of obtaining information from the market, its needs and perceptions.

Share them with your colleagues and the company significantly optimize overall performance. 7. Keep your private personal matters contact customers as it did not have any problem. Customers not interested the situation of the company, his private life or if today is in a bad mood: they have a need and we can offer them a solution. 8 Be assertive enforced techniques are only good for casual sellers. The professional seller goes beyond. He seeks not a sale but a client. 9 Persists. But does not disturb everything has its time. Potential customers or opportunities need to evaluate options, discuss options: If we insist on the closure at this stage, probably lose the opportunity. 10 The professional seller to have an organized agenda always has time for everything. Organize your calls and prepares for business meetings. When present, it has a (strategy) structure which may be taken for future reference. Selling is an art. There are no magic formulas, but some common patterns among the successful. Do you need professional advice?

An outlet is selling products at low cost. When a product has reduced cost can due to: manufacturing, antiquity of such product failures and is already out of catalogue, or you can try a product that has been used, either in an exhibit or as a sample. Currently the outlet of all kinds have become popular. Without a doubt, you’ve already located an outlet for notebook, but before purchasing it, continue reading this article. Questions that you should ask you if you want to purchase a notebook in an outlet, are as follows: 1 – what use that I shall give him? 2 – What happen if you deteriorate soon after buying it? If you are a demanding user or use it for work, it is essential that analysis requirements so that your new notebook responds to the different software that you used. Also, you will need to ask the reason why the notebook found in an outlet.

Failure? used product? Operating system and already past functions of? fashion? All this questions will be needed, if you’ll use the notebook as a work item. If on the other hand, only will use to check the mail, interact in social networks, read the news or listen to music, do not have more to ask if it works with windows XP, to corroborate that you can use it for what you need. Either way, get doubts as regards its operation, asks if she can be evaluated by a technical service and check that the screen does not present any damage. The outlet of notebook, mean savings, but not durability. Therefore, if a computer is cheaper but you will have a short time of use, will always be preferable to buy a notebook that this offer, or has not been used previously, because in addition to offer the advantages of durability and be in warranty, if it develops a fault, service will be able to resolve the potential drawbacks. Another drawback that present the outlet of notebook is that if you want to buy a computer in one No you can take store, with security, technical service for advise on the purchase. This situation is further complicated if you decide to buy an outlet on the Internet.

In this case, you will need to verify that the purchase is made in a public place, having policies of use and check the background of the seller. As a final piece of advice, if you have already decided to buy a notebook outlet, check that the company that sells it is serious and able to give the necessary guarantees against possible equipment failure. If you’ll buy a private, don’t hesitate to take it before a service evaluate it. If you’ve bought a notebook outlet and damaged or want to be verified before purchasing, in Mendoza there is a service able to advise and repair all kinds of inconveniences, Video systems. If you liked this article, share it.