In a tour through various interviews, we collected the best data of the top models and professional models international beauty. Keep these tips in mind. 1 Heidi Klum: after each birth, the German model ensures that only the exercises helped her regain her figure. Three hours a day of a strict workout with a personal trainer, more a diet low in carbohydrates like bread and rice and rich in vegetables and protein, helped it to see incredible in the last parade of Victoria s Secret. 2 Liz Hurley: for this actress and British model most importantly to see linda is always keep your skin moisturized. She says the trick is to find the best moisturizer for every type of skin and always drink lots of water. 3 Cindy Crawford: according to this icon of the modeling of the 90s, the most important thing to see linda has nothing to do with beauty products, but with a positive attitude, where the negative does not change or worry, it had very in cunta when the casting of models. Believes, however, that if there is some aspect of the body which we do not like and one that Yes, should enhance the good news so that all the attention is there.

4 Gisele Bundchen: the statuesque Brazilian model thinks very similar to Cindy Crawford. Ensures when one is happy is noticeable in the face. Its beauty is to smile and enjoy life. 5 Christy Turlington: to this elegant model and new face of Prada, be at peace with itself help to look good. Points out that the relaxing yoga and help to forget the small things that concern her. 6 Lorena Valenzuela: for this experienced spectacular Chilean model the best homemade recipe is to be happy, hence one looks better, more gleaming and renewed, the foregoing is reflected in the photos of models in magazines and ads says Lorena.

Also gives tips to make the rouge last hours, the best thing is to paint the lips and then dry them with a paper towel to make them shine. Then should put a little powder compact in the mouth and repainted. 7 Carolina de Moras: A good skin cleaning, water of PINKS and creams that have lots of vitamin C, are routines that are not missing from the life of Carolina, but when It has the tired body gives tub bath with sea salt and rose essences. This complements it with a scrub of verbenas of L L’Occitane, which is ideal for de-stressing skin. 8 Erika Niklitschek: recipe for homemade beauty when dawns with puffy eyes is five-minute soak a teabag into water boiling. When the water is warm, soak two petals of cotton and apply. Once they cool, the procedure is repeated three times. After a while your eyes are rested, this thing he learned at the school of models there in his native Chile. 9 Renata Ruiz: the winner of the Elite Model Look contest, calve it is not stress!. According to her, the stress kills your skin and makes you eat more. When anxious, leave the House and used if anxiety as positive; for example, doing exercise.

The trends are attitudes that determine behavior and behavior. AS YOU SHAPE, MAINTAINS AND DEVELOPS THE CULTURE ORGANIZATIONAL 1. The process of cultural formation has the same essence that of collectivity or identity of the group common schemes of thoughts, beliefs, feelings and values resulting from shared experiences and common learning-, that ultimately we call culture of that group. (9) The environment determines first the formation of the culture, it constitutes a set of paradigms, which are formed throughout the life of the Organization as a result of the interaction between its members, with the structures, strategies, systems, processes and the Organization itself with its surroundings, to form a set of references.(10) Certainly, the current customs, traditions and general way of doing things are mainly due to what has been done before and the degree of success that has taken in the organization. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak is often quoted as being for or against this. This brings us to the last source of culture: its founders.

They have a greater impact on the initial organization culture as they have a vision of how it should be. They are not restricted by customs or previous ideologies. The small size that usually characterize the new organizations makes it easier the imposition of the vision of the founders on all members of the organization. To maintain the culture, once established, practices are applied in the Organization as the selection process, the evaluation of performance, training and development activities, the reward, the sanction (up to expulsion), which ensure that those who are initiated into the Organization, conform to the culture. Although there are three forces that play pivotal role: the practice of selection, the actions of senior management and methods of socialization. The selection; identifies and accepts individuals who have knowledge, abilities and skills to play in the organization. It accepts people with matching values with the Organization, or a good portion of them. Offers information about her, if you perceive a conflict between their personal values and those of the Organization, can be removed.