Uruguay Revolution

Science is transformed into a usable instrument. There was people who desarollaba technical; mainly in the field of navigation. Science and technique were not even. Science was in search of the true knowledge, fights against superstition. In France groupings in ” arise; real academy of ciencias” , of scientists to realise improvements. Like in England in ” Royal society” , with the same objectives that in France.

Those processes are doing that ” Science and the Tcnica” they are united (by intelligent craftsmen and teachers, that saw that they had to improve its production). The first industrial revolution occurs in first half of century XVIII; product of ” machine to vapor” , product of the development of people whom they did not have to do with the scientific scope. Watson was a student of hingeniera and the creator of the more effective machine to steam. The textile industries demanded major energy production. The industrial revolution brought about a revolution in science. If you would like to know more then you should visit Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. In the industrial revolution the technique precedes to science.

On France by the warlike necessity for its survival, a technical center is based so that scientists and technicians, developed useful products. Carnot studying the processes of the machine to steam invented ” termodinmica”. Here we would be in the first industrial revolution ” scientist tcnica”. The production begins machinist and mecanisista; the division of the work begins. The factories (productive units, leave of side the craftsman. The consumption standardizes, prevails agriculture, the state becomes state ” gendarme” , it must watch that all this is homogenised. In first half of century XIX it arises in this one process from growth new powers, (the USA and Russia). In history one occurs for the first time like something systematic, the relation between ” Ciencia” and ” Tcnica”. We have the example of ” Bayer” , who it contracted technicians so that they investigated the coloration, for the overcoming of the textiles; and of that form to compete with the British (first scientific laboratory). Here we see tie science to the productive apparatus. The scientific research is expensive. Others innovations were: the steel, chemistry, petroleum, the technique of the cold for the conservation of foods, (technical invented in Uruguay). England begins to lose its hegemonic power. Those that dominates the market, are those that can invest in the investigations. Assembly line, the individual is undressed of its knowledge; the knowledge was contained in all the circuit of production dominated by a few. The heavy industry begins, transports, ciderurgia. The first labor movements in England begin, arising unionisation from the same. The education becomes generalized schooling, of ” Gendarme” state; one goes to ” Benefactor” state; . Science and the Technical one already forms two gears of a same machinery. Independently pure science studies. The great dream of the man is to fly. The Technique in convinacin, goes away convirtindo in ” Tecnologa”. Here you will find articles of quality for the care of the body, the mind and the spirit; besides other sections like being: Sports, Entertainments, Computation, Health and more.