To purchase them, required many hours of work or study, action strategies are required, they also require willingness, perseverance, among others things. The cost is relative between persons, because to me something I can be more or less costly to you, however, we all pay for that price. Everything that happens to me is my work. I am responsible for what happens to me and you are responsible for what happens to you. No one else is. I agree that there are things we cannot control because they are beyond our reach and often feel the impotence of not being able to do anything, however, let me tell you that there is always a solution that will allow you to go ahead and build the future you’ve always dreamed of. Now you will agree that you are responsible for your future, that nobody more going to find solution to your problems and much less will fulfil your dreams.

If you ran the job, something you had to see, if your girlfriend left you, something you had to see. If it was so, recover that missed and corrects your mistakes so that you do not pass, and if it really was something alien to your responsibility, what are you waiting to seek other opportunities. Don’t stop the opportunities occur daily, you decide if the Jacks or simply the see to ask then what would have happened if?, how my life would be if? how do you react to an opportunity? If you have not tested you have this test; ask yourself right now would you do if someone pulled a Billet of 1000 pesos in his pocket and offered you, would take it if you ask questions, or would you choose stopped thinking what I have to do to get it?, are really going I give and nothing more? The opportunities are for everyone, the only difference is that few people know how to leverage them, while others prefer to see them pass, either because they have fear, laziness, or by conformists. We must prevent, not correct do not wait for something bad to happen to correct this or that something you out of control, better trafficking prevent everything in advance. In this way, you will be easier life because you have everything in your hands, thus mitigating the risks of possible accidents. Otherwise, you will live It distressed, correcting and reacting to all contingencies, and this tension will it enhance increasingly as more setbacks intersect you. Cautious man ever deplores the poor present; It uses the present to prevent future woes William Shakespear. Blog of self-improvement and other themes of success: original author and source of the article