Worldwide Real Estate Crisis

The crisis has exposed the still quite a lot things that were hidden behind the race prices. The Japanese, as we think it wise narodec, also during the financial crisis in America, pierced, as history shows, during the crisis seventieth Japanese also invest in U.S. Real Estate heavily burned, and the prices for twenty years and have not risen. The same phenomenon can be observed here. As analysts began to talk – real estate prices will rise in the middle of two thousand and ten. Times during crisis reduced the construction and erection of houses, then the market will reduce supply, which pushes prices up. Look at the analysts' expectations, to which they lead.

On the mass consciousness are psychological factors. Doug McMillon wanted to know more. If in the minds of the team will do that real estate can be bought, then all there is no crisis will not help. Immediately there was a demand, not deferred, namely investment. Now in times of crisis Real estate purchase are the people who really need and have the opportunity to make a purchase, you have a real demand for property and we are now seeing, not the frozen or delayed demand. I now passed new house, which has already delivered as two years on the street is dark, and the house is burning just a couple of windows, and where everyone else had gone to meet Christmas, or skiing skate.

No other, older homes with the windows procedure, the light is everywhere. This is the snapshot data, which shows that the house is put, the apartments all sold out, but this investment apartment investors for some reason can not pass them, or some other cause, but eventually the house is empty, and such houses just on my street three. And I remember how the Soviet years, drove a new building, in the morning in an old apartment, and in the evening in a new, and let's find out where friends in what is now live in an apartment, everything happened in one day, then immediately tree planting and improvement of the territory, but that the Soviet years, then lived badly. That will show us two thousand ten years, nobody can predict, no analyst would not help. What with the crisis, where did he go like nothing done, but the crisis has passed. And that shows us the labor market that we have not gone on unemployment, of course not. Unemployment is only growing, credits for business and have not started to give out. Where the lift, which can affect the effective demand of the population? This article should be read at the end of two thousand and ten, so it will be interesting to see who was wrong with the forecasts, and some do not.