Then in the differentiation will be more complicated function as Differentiating formula of addition of velocities. So, you may receive not previously considered the force. Hence there must be at least two speeds in different frames of reference. And there must be some additions to this speed. 4) proposed model, the interaction force does not appear to be unknown to science of the interaction forces or the forces that choke the resulting force. Then take this: a) Since the search for interaction replaces gravity (ie gravity, respectively, and gravipotentsiala not), then the gravitational changes of the metric is not when considering the local scale (changing the metric from the neighboring and other celestial bodies).

b) In nature, there known cosmological recession as an integral part of the change of the cosmological metric. Its nature and causes of change will not discuss. For example, this metric Friedmann-Robertson-Walker. Then, the well-known fact: when consideration of local areas there is a vanishingly small divergence u of material points. And since local changes in the metrics do not (because gravity is not), then the cosmological recession – is the only recession due to changes in the metric.

It should be noted – accelerated recession. Just want to agree on a few over-rates for a single particle, and that meticulous Mathematics dig. To use an electric force instead of gravity is necessary to use two neutral body, composed of charged particles. Particles of the same body in the superposition principle interact with particles of another body interaction given particle some speed (it's different).