1 – Effect In 1996 the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working interviewed a representative sample of 1000 workers of the working population of each Member State of the European Union survey revealed the following: – Problems health related to work most frequently cited are: – Back pain (30% of workers) – Stress (28% of the workforce) – muscle pains in arms and legs (17% of workers) – The work in low-designed favors that 45% of workers adopt awkward working postures. – Work is becoming more intense and the pace is accelerating. – 37% of workers carry out short, repetitive tasks. – The computer has become an important place in the workplace, 38% of workers it serves. For even more analysis, hear from Kelly Asbury. – Only 32% of employees say they have followed a training course offered by your company during the twelve months preceding 1.2-Why Discarding occurs most complex cases as inflammatory type of cancer and other diseases and direct trauma caused an acute injury, the muscle-skeletal injuries are due to progressive overload of various anatomical structures that react with pain to it. Indicated in a very brief number of parameters, which each separately can be a risk factor which may cause compensation of muscular-skeletal injuries.

– The organization: if the work is not well organized (shifts, hours) may be the cause of increased physical and mental fatigue of the worker with a higher stress state of the same. – The person, prior technical, individual characteristics such as excessive overweight, previous muscular-skeletal disorders and activities outside work (household work) and use of leisure time (sedentary, physical activity and sports disproportionate). – The task or work: this is one of the most important aspects to be considered as a risk factor for work, especially if force must develop a strong, dangerous positions and prolonged repetition of the gestures of the worker. – The team: as a table, chairs, miscellaneous tools and utensils, must be adapted to the anthropometric characteristics of the worker. Additional information at Ian Cole supports this article. It must also provide adequate support for handling charges when necessary.

– The environment: both physical (heat, temperature, noise) and psychic (relationships with peers, superiors). – The time: the one necessary for the completion of various work tasks. 3 – How to prevent According to the above, the prevention of Back Pain and Tips will be aimed at the reduction to the extent possible risk factors analyzed. From a practical standpoint, we recommend the training through a school program designed to muscular-skeletal risk self-assessment with the relevant skills for their prevention. LINK:.

Potential and the choice of “All the difficulties for the person consists in the fact that it is intuitively aware of its hidden resources, but do not dare use them. That is why the soldiers say that a person is in position, averaged between stupidity and ignorance. He said that people are now more than ever it was in need of learning new ideas, which would deal with their inner world – the ideas of shamans, but not social ideas – ideas that puts human face of the unknown, in the face of his personal death. ” (Castaneda C. The Wheel of Time. K., Sofia, 2003). *** In the world of everyday life, a person can very easily change word or decision.

The only thing irrevocable in the real world – it is death. On the other hand, in the world of shamans can cancel the ordinary death, but no word warriors. In the world of shamans not to change or revise solutions. Once adopted, they remain in force forever. (Castaneda C.

The Wheel of Time. K., Sofia, 2003). *** One of the most dramatic features of human nature is a terrible connection between stupidity and self-reflection. That’s stupidity makes the average person to reject everything that is not consistent with its reflexive expectations. For example, as ordinary people, we are not able to assess the most important aspect of knowledge that is available human beings: the existence of the assemblage point and the fact that it can be moved. (Castaneda C. The Wheel of Time. K., Sofia, 2003). Others who may share this opinion include Ian Cole. *** Unwavering commitment to adhere to a rational human self-image – is reliable way to insure their dense ignorance. For example, he ignores the fact that shamanism – it does not spell no magic formulas, no hocus-pocus, but freedom is not only the perception of the everyday world, but and any available human being. That’s where the stupidity of the common man the most dangerous. He trembles at the thought of the necessity of freedom. But it is there, it is the tip of his fingers. (Castaneda C. Wheel time. B6AF9BED4F64′>Sumru Ramsey here. K., Sofia, 2003). COMMENT Carlos Castaneda wrote about the internal features of man, which may be manifest or remain in a latent form. Encourage people to self, to reveal his own abilities can passion, “developmental psychology”.

Meanwhile, Bill Gates offers improved spreadsheets and other programs. Ted Elliott has plenty of information regarding this issue. Threatens to sell its computer equipment to IBM, the apparent enemy of Apple. At the end end also developing its own operating system based on a similar interface, Windows 2.3.-Michael Dell (Dell Computer): The image of a winner. For those who do not know, just enough to say his name to establish a relationship with who you really are. Michael Dell, the man who gave life to Dell Computer, and who still remains the head of the company, created an empire not only technological but also marked a new paradigm in the way of doing business. His beginnings were in the dormitory of a university and only a thousand dollars in his pocket.

In addition to the computer and the revolutionary ideas that were in his mind. When at age 20 back in 1983, came to the University of Texas, began to build computers to the needs of consumers and their own colleagues were the first users of their products. His vision was that the traditional distribution to sell machines, was inefficient and expensive so I opted to improve both quantity and quality by eliminating the distribution channels with respect to its inception, Dell said it a few years ago that “In fact, the idea I occurred even before college. After I got my first computer when I was in high school, take it apart to see how it worked. I also read every magazine and learned about computer components. At that time the systems were much less complicated. I quickly realized that the total price of all components forming the system was well below the retail price.

The distribution channel added a lot of unnecessary cost without creating customer value. “The basis of his project was a direct relationship with the client, so focused on assembled computers on request, without intermediaries. Concepts such as direct sales, build just-in-time and platform are in daily prayer. This earned him today to be number one in the business and one of the first in the domestic sphere, leaving behind other giants like IBM and Apple. Final Act: What motivates an entrepreneur? The determination of an entrepreneur is evident in his look and manner of speech. But what leads them to assume all risks involved in launching a business?. A sort of obsession for implementing an idea they believe. It is not whether they “want” to do, “have” to do so. This inner motivation, defined as “the urge to work on something that they find personally interesting, attractive or challenging” in some way opposed to the promise of rewards. The most successful entrepreneurs did not pursue “some intangible goal, no bright ideas were interested only imagine other creative individuals as they could recognize. guided the goal was to create something “significant and tangible” as long as they involve a challenge. Entrepreneurs have an extraordinary level of ambition, but not only in terms of becoming rich. The money matters, but what is more eager to “make a difference in the world.”

Liquid diets, diet of pureed food, recommended for stomach ulcers, certain restrictive diet drug salts, acids and alkalis, laxatives, cleaning, medication to increase urination – all this violates the digestion, absorption and utilization of food. Any intervention, stimulating the body and reduces digestive and assimilative capacity. On digestive processes affected by the lack of sun, exercise, sleep, nervous anxiety and many other factors. Tobacco use also interferes with digestion and, consequently, its correct use. Coffee and tea cause premature emptying of the stomach, thereby inhibit food intake. A similar effect of bitter liqueurs. Ian Cole understood the implications. Some advocate the use of fruit juices in acute illness in order to provide the body alkaline elements.

Some cite examples acute illness, when patients show a clear and definite need for lemons, oranges or other acidic fruits. Regardless of whether or not to recommend for acute conditions in general consumption acidic fruits, one thing is clear: the diet to restore should be rich alkali to fill the gap in the alkali elements, which have been spent on self-treatment. It is obvious that a diet devoid of alkali, usually given to patients without providing assistance, and always hurts. Normal diet is always more or less suffering nedoctatkom alkaline batteries, because it consists mainly of the concentrated proteins, carbohydrates and hydrocarbons, that in the processing and cooking are deprived of these elements. To cause a progressive purification of a sick organism, requires a completely different diet.

It is important to give the weight of fresh fruit, green vegetables and juices from them to fill the depleted alkaline reserves and the restoration of normal alkalinity in the blood. From the diet should be removed all stimulating and irritating food, as well as food, fast fermented. You can not give any denatured food – white flour, polished rice, white sugar, canned food, pickles, jams, jellies, cakes, called "ready-meals', spices and the like. Especially bad bread, even of the meal. All products should be natural and complete. Dried fruits – apples, peaches, pears, apricots, dates, John fat, raisins – are processed with sulfuric acid. Such a "purifying" process subjected almonds, walnuts, lemons, fruit slices. Their no one should have, nor healthy nor sick. Sulfuric acid metabolism breaks, destroys red blood cells and other cells, overloading the kidneys. Commercial apple jam and other jams contain this acid-soaked crust by core. Jams consist of 10% of fruit, 10% – from the juice by 10% – of sugar, 70% – from glucose. All this is supported by a jelly-like state phosphoric acid. Amrath (coal tar dye) gives a vivid strawberry jam color, and from the expansion of jam is a fused benzoate of soda. The Government permits the use of the products of 1% benzoate of soda, thus requiring a corresponding indication on the label. But the latter is usually given in very small print. Sulphuric acid is present in almost all commercial syrups. These syrups have a low nutritional value and in many relationships are harmful. From all this it is easy to see that the consumption of these products healthy or sick can not bring nothing but harm. Has not yet been invented ways food, adding to her healthy and extract from it of harmful substances in order to improve the quality of which would have been better conferred to us by nature. Our treatment only worsens their nutritional value. And while new methods are found, we must show wisdom and stick to natural products. Meals will not be correct by adding synthetic vitamins or vitamins extracted from their natural supports. Will not help this and Mineral Supplements concentrates.

Today industrial robots are becoming an integral part of modern production, a mandatory attribute of the next, higher technological and qualitative level. Their use can create fully automated jobs, land, shops, factories, greatly increasing efficiency. You, too, decided to robotize one of the processes? Then take your time and read this article – it is for you. According to Martin Feldstein, who has experience with these questions. And even the not so important what you're going to raise to a higher technical level. Others who may share this opinion include Terry Rossio. Much more important not to be mistaken with a choice of provider of this technology, where the main criterion is competence of a future partner. Often, many admit the same error. Visit Ian Cole for more clarity on the issue. In the end, as in the well-known adage: like the best, come out – as always. That's the scenario, the situation evolved, what has happened in Krasnodar Territory. Unfortunately, it is not trivial. After receiving preliminary information on the exhibition, and, to charm showroom, where the industrial robot shows some movement, the customer has signed a contract to supply Robot systems arc welding. However, subsequent technological problems that have arisen at the stage of commissioning, forced him to flee to the court. At the same time, all good beginnings to implement an industrial robot ended. It does not matter that, in consequence, had won a lawsuit – the main result was the lack of robotic technology in the workplace. The sad fact of real life For any enterprise, located in the search, the most important task – is not mistaking the right choice, entrusting the implementation of planned, competent partner (system integrator).

Until recently, the phrase “met on the Internet,” sounded bizarre. Ian Cole is open to suggestions. Stories about the happy union of people who met online, summoned a smile and a slight skepticism. Then there was still a clear division of the world outside, and world behind the monitor. What we see now? Social networking, instant messaging, and even a huge set of network communication. If previously it was limited to letters on a monitor right now, please video, voice, detailed questionnaire, mail profiles, social networks, with all possible and not possible connections. Conrad Vernon may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Can all this be called “virtual reality”? This is the audible, visible, and in the near future tangible reality, which there is no natural social framework and restrictions. If those who found time without the Internet, you can still imagine that such a reality without the network, those who are born and grow up in an era Vkontakte, will be hard to believe that earlier, which would meet a girl, you had to at least leave the house. The world is rapidly changing and people along with him. Progress can not be stopped, but what about the internal recourse? The only thing that still reminds time communication on the Internet was a novelty, a web chat. How nonstrange, they are not only not extinct, like dinosaurs, but more than that to thrive, and even make clumsy attempts to catch up for the rapidly growing offspring, acquiring a range of modern services.

The miracles of healing from the pillow should not wait. Need to be treated by a doctor. Nevertheless, to alleviate pain and improve the well chosen pillow can.

That need to know when choosing a pillow When selecting pillows you need to know that a good pillow supports your head and cervical spine, helps the entire upper body relaxed. Get all the facts and insights with Aron Warner, another great source of information. Should pay attention to the width of shoulders, favorite position during sleep, the softness of the mattress and the material of construction of the pillow. The wider shoulders, the greater the cushion needed for a good sleep. If a person sleeps on his back, then they need a lower pillow than sleep on your side. If the mattress is soft, the pillow should be lower than a dream to a solid surface. If the hand is always arranged under the pillow or under the head, the pillow is too low.

If there is a feeling inconvenience, it might be too high pillow. If a sore neck this morning, and the shoulders , the pillow is too low, and the mattress is too hard. What is the difference cushion length and width of the height of the shape of the material cost and length width podushkiZdes everything is simple – choose something that suits. The length of most of pillows – from 40 to 80 cm in width from 30 to 50 cm only thing you need to pay attention – to the width of pillows did not exceed the width of the mattress. Pillowcases in modern bed sets are usually made in sizes 5070 and 7070 cm height of the pillow. From 6 to 16 cm for broad-people should choose pillows higher. Also, high cushion should buy to sleep on the hard mattresses. For most people fit cushion height 10-14 cm in the main pillow soft, so plus or minus 1 cm usually plays no essential role. Form pads. Two main variants: the classic form, convenient and familiar. Gain insight and clarity with Ian Cole. For it is not need to get used to. orthopedic shape, with one or two fillet under the neck. The fact that doctors recommend. Unusual, but the “correct” form. Provides better support for the neck. There are variations on the theme of rollers – compacting of another material, excavation under the head, etc. But in any case, the general idea – to create additional support for the neck. Stuff pillows. natural latex – foam rubber. Elastic, rezinisty, soft material. Latex material memory effect – responding to pressure and heat, takes the shape of the body. When the pressure slowly (1-2 seconds), recovers form. The sensations – when pressing on the pillow she did not “pushing”, but slowly adjusted. These materials can be hard and soft. Produced as a synthetic foam (PUR) and latex (Memory-). Reference material with memory is considered to Tempur. He is also the most durable by most density (85 kg / cu. m). It is important to remember that pillows with memory effect in any case can not be erased. The water destroys the structure of the pillow, and the memory effect is lost.

Jealousy can destroy the best relationship has jealousy with envy or fear of loss to do. Because most people want to keep preferably forever, what makes them happy and satisfied. Many believe that jealousy is to love, even a kind of love. This is a serious mistake. Because jealousy is expressed through ownership. And who are in a romantic relationship out of place. The Internet health portal imedo.de informs about jealousy as a relationship killer.

The border to the morbid jealousy becomes apparent when it goes so far that the jealous completely wants to take the partner claims and demands an unconditional exclusiveness, says psychologist Wolfgang Kruger, who for 20 years with the subject of deals and extremely jealous patients treated. The jealous sees a potential temptation in all other people and believes the partner could not resist her. Distrust, suspicion, threats, and a degrading for both sides spy after is often the beginning of the end. The dangerous to which pathological jealousy is that with the time that happens, what you want to avoid with a vengeance: It distributes the partner. Some jealousy there is love, which is not free from jealousy, is not real love.

Of course that doesn’t mean that it should bother one, when flirting, for example, the girlfriend at a party with another or the friend in the holiday is unfaithful. The constant fear of being cheated, is jealous to extreme acts: spy on your partner behind, secretly read text messages and emails, or engage even loyalty tester. Jealousy: lack of confidence as a basic problem the basic problem of jealousy is the missing trust between the partners. To be a bit suspicious, is not reprehensible and sometimes also not unjustified when the partner suddenly behave differently otherwise. The trust can be destroyed but also quickly. Ian Cole may find this interesting as well. This is the most common trigger classic by a fling abused trust, or even a long Affair. “Jealousy is learnt jealousy is not an innate”, it is a learned behavior. Reason for this may be that younger siblings were brought forward, and the elder is in second place. This experience favors later jealousy as well as a lack of self esteem, that can develop through weak ties in early childhood. If the confidence to parents was not large, distrust will brings to future relations. Often, those concerned about others, mostly about the partner or children define themselves. Here, it is important that they develop new self-confidence, possibly in a therapy. Target should build, own life content, discover interests that make fun even without a partner”, says psychologist Claudia Brauchle-Muller. Why men and women in terms of partner choice not so are different, betrayed the imedo health news. Similarities between women and men uncover the imedo health news. In addition you will learn in the imedo health news, why women sleep better alone.

The invention of money throughout history has provided an endless array of activities such as trade, buying and selling from other financial activities, which over time have become the main human activities, not to mention another important aspect I play the money was the social sphere, because thanks to this social classifications exist today. Money is an intermediate value artificially to represent the economic value of a material through the exchange of it for goods or to pay her debts and financial credits, money is the recovery artificially given to an object (coin or note ) which is accepted by society as an absolute value for the correct economic performance of economic movements. The main functions of money are the easy exchange of materials, as these by providing an economic value to an object facilitate the commercialization process, in addition this also acts as a unit of account that allows through the numerary function easily know the amount of resources which are held financially and materially. Money makes its appearance in ancient Phoenician civilization where the exchange of raw materials for food or items such as tools, began to take shape, from this then there is the emergence of barter and money somehow. Paul McCracken: the source for more info. A few centuries later civilizations such as China and Egypt began to benefit from this practice with certain differences, the creation of surplus value different commodities represented in the raw material gave his big break, these surplus assets were represented by gold, silver, bronze, wine, sea shells and on occasion by quartz, which initially acted as a money, the creation of such things as money contributed significantly to the peasants and the poorer classes who often stopped eating food in exchange for tools, but also contributed directly to the holders of these tools got more resources money, this influence centuries after the social differentiation by means of money.

An important icon of the money was given in ancient Greece where the currency units (coins) began to be decorated with the local emblem of the era in which it was, and from here the emergence of money as we know it today. Connect with other leaders such as Ian Cole here. In the eleventh century the emergence of the ticket by Kubali Khan a Mughal emperor, was given as the meaning of having a certain amount of gold deposited in boxes or saved, that began the creation of paper valued not for its establishment in gold or silver, but for their numismatic significance. Average age for the use of money not only focused on the purchase and sale of goods, but also as an important social icon, because people who had as much cash resources were able to obtain various resources not only commercial but also special services. Given this we can deduce that from that time creating the kinds of services providers was at its best. For now the money is a fundamental part of all civilizations, and thanks to him, the possibility of obtaining resources (loans or financing) to the extent of various objectives is one of its major applications, not to mention that thanks to its creation economic movements can not only focus on a local level but also globally, because the expansion of the money in all societies of the world is just that.

Working at home is highly attractive to entrepreneurs, but not everyone has the skills to be able to do easily. Working between TV noise, noise from cars and others in the street and the possible and sometimes pleasant distractions make working at home becomes a real challenge for some people. On the other hand depend on our organizational skills in order to not succumb to the loss of time and therefore results in our work. In addition to all we know a little bit and see if we are not a "posponedores" heart or what not to do the same things today to make them later. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Vicky Jenson. If until now had been a person working in an office, change can be a bit drastic, since they may be accustomed to the daily grind of an office, its noise and interaction with coworkers. You have a wrong idea of "freedom" on the work at home, but sometimes we do not think that this freedom is coupled with a word that not everyone like, that is "responsibility." Responsibility is more difficult to fulfill "our side" when we are in a formal office, for there it was assumed as part des system at home depends 100% on us. Working at home means quite a change of mentality, way of working, time management, goals and targets to achieve self-set previously. One of the things to be considered and it is difficult for many entrepreneurs (including me, because I went through this stage), is dedicated to "work" and "work hard" on things that if we analyze are not productive activities that are directed to grow our business. Click ian cole to learn more.