Test results translated into a 5-point scale to mark the leaving certificate. The second part (B) – at the request of graduates for university entrance, consisting also of the options Bt (Baseline) and B2 (advanced level). By the combined responses to the tasks of parts A (A, A2) and B (B, and B2) are awarded a certificate of the unified state exam. Most suitable for estimating the results of testing of applicants is a 100-point T-score for which was currently exhibiting a certification mark of high school graduates. While the regulatory framework of our education system (except for the above transition school-university) are not allowed to conduct the final test exams and the final levels, but in all components of this system is much preparatory work. The most urgent is the development of ongoing, thematic and many foreign tests used in the educational process of all educational institutions. For comparison, in the U.S. annually knowledge and abilities of students tested by 47 million test forms produced 400 test companies.

The vast majority of them are forms of current, topical and hope, a landmark achievement levels. Achievement tests designed to assess the success of mastering specific, limited in scope educational material, such as branches of mathematics, "the multiplication of two-digit numbers, or mother tongue," Classification of the suffix and adjectives. " This is different from the actual Psychological tests – aptitude tests, mental development. As already mentioned, performing tests, the ability to reflect the cumulative effect of the various experiences of life of the individual.

Nature makes the men we like each other and us together; education makes us different and us away. Confucio Dia, sucintan new developments in many aspects where humanity, finding involved in science, technology, health, politics, economy, which have given way to new knowledge, to the requirement that Governments are very attentive about the role of education, unfolds to schools, colleges interpret the needs that require the countries where they operate in order to define its responsibility, commitment, train, train needed professionals in the various disciplines that provide performance solutions, know the challenges and above all to give transformations, changes needed to ensure its development to the country, having an education that gives them excellent results. The truth, than the current reality, invited to assess, define, what should be the new vision of education to the present facts, that lead to this will redefine, update, to adapt to what the present is required. The connection of this concern, there is an interesting contribution of Prof. p. Krishna, former Rector of the center of education of Rajghat, Krishnamurti Foundation of the India, Varanasi-221001, India, which tells us that key challenges humanity is facing today, they are not due to lack of education. They are not created by illiterate villagers in Asia or Africa, but by highly educated people and professional minds – lawyers, managers, businesses, scientists, economists, organizations and businesses – who make plans and direct Governments, organizations and businesses. We need therefore observe what correct education that is giving and not quantity. When we do so it becomes clear that we are producing human beings out of proportion, unbalanced: very advanced, very clever, very capable in his intellect but almost primitive in other aspects of life: high level scientists and engineers that can you send humans to the moon but that can be brutal with their wives or with their neighbors; human beings who have a vast understanding of the way in which the universe operates but little understanding of themselves or their lives.