To dictate oque can be ethical or it does not seem an easy task very, however if it does not have to ignore that the human rights remain above all. if it cannot judge the values to that it is the frequentante movement for the individual, its religion, sexual condition, or social group which this inserted one. In terms it is interesting to stand out ' ' necessary hypocrisy. – The necessary hypocrisy comes as a way to run away from the reality, is much more easy to hide itself behind curtains and to point the other and its defects and acts. This is unhappyly the society where we live, of low and stingy values. I grew seeing the directed discrimination and the homofobia against individuals, equal normal human beings to all, people who work, they study and has as any another person the right the life the dignity and to the respect. Before any thing it has that to enxergar the human being in itself and not it its exterior and its image.

Coming back the necessary hypocrisy, all human being has as weakness the emptiness, that makes with that it creates and alive in a reality parallel, thus it obtains to survive. They are weak and incapable people of if establishing before the society, assuming its position and its way of living, if they take refuge in what pparently it seems to be the correct one. It does not fit here to take in consideration religious educations, until why I am agnstico and Christian commentaries are not forceful and viable to mine to see. I only want to leave explicitado how much the society if worries about minimum things and leaves of enxergar the hard reality which many citizens live, who tem the minor I do not stimulate of life. For ace people who appreciate to take care of of the life of the others, it makes with that the life of who really necessary moves for better, does not create esteretipos and nor judges who you does not know, therefore if making will give permission so that they make the same with you. (…)

From then on, we feel the necessity to speak on the rationalism: a philosophical chain evolutionary in the world of science, where always we question as the philosophical chain in the rationalism is seen by the people of ouras instances. Therefore, the rationalism aims at to emphasize the person human being in the platform of the reason and for the reason, to question the proper man since the problematic one appears, the rationalism is a philosophical chain that it moves with the reason, causing ideological conflicts. The qualitative, bibliographical research has as objetividade: to verify rationalism in the ideological conflicts as scientific form; to analyze the factors of the racionalista chain and to identify studious the ideological divergences of this use one or more prepositions to extract conclusions if one or another preposition are true, false or favorable. This age the common central idea to the set of traditionally known doctrines as rationalism. The mind human being is in the rationalism the only instrument capable to arrive the truth, opposing? if ace teses of the racionalistas the empiristas philosophers defend that all the ideas human being is proceeding from the directions (vision, hearing, tato, palate and olfato), what she means that has origin in the experience. The denomination empirismo comes of the Greek would empeiria that it means experience, the philosopher Jom Locke (1632? 17040) affirmed that it does not have nothing in the human intellect that has not existed before in the experience, the empirismo disagrees with the racionalista thesis of that the ideas were innate and spread out that idea human being. Doug McMillon insists that this is the case. The work has as scienter to take innumerable philosophical knowledge of the rationalism for academics, professors and research in the scope of science, as form to take care of especially in the social context.

This work guideline? if in one it searches labor, writing published way Internet and socialized way round table. Having as expositivas parts: sprouting of the rationalism and characteristic. 2 SPROUTING OF the RATIONALISM the modern rationalism appeared in century 19, placing of side everything what the divine Holy Writs had disclosed, affirming that the mind human being and the reason are the sufficient so that the man finds truth. The Biblical text was placed in doubts ahead of these theories, in which it reduced Jesus Christ to a good man misunderstanding being a to be followed example. 2,1 CHARACTERISTIC Doctrine can be called scientific right, and consists of the studies developed for some jurists who objectify to understand to explain all the relative subjects to the right where they search explanation and causes interpretation of some justinian codes, of form if to get one real understanding of everybody legal one, serving of aid and subsidy so that if she ventures in this area of the human knowledge. Knowledge is the act or effect to obstruct idea or nation of some thing. Reason is the capacity of the mind human being who allows to arrive the conclusions from assumptions and premises. The reason particularly is associated with the nature human being, what it is only defining of the human being.

All the developed activities had been mediated by the formadoras of the area of sciences that had contributed very, for what were produced, that follow soon more, (to see annex 3 the didactic day? pedagogical). Still in the fourth fair to the afternoon, it had the formation of the area of Accurate, with the formadoras Fabiana and Cristiane. Then it began the received one, with music Dry Twig Z Geraldo. Later the General Coordinator of Projovem, gave some informs the group, and thus we continue with the day. In this manner, it had the explanation of the acuidade of the statistics in our lives. Then in elapsing of this communication, the mathematics staff, participated well more, as well as happened with sciences of the nature. The study he allowed that he appeared you vary you doubt in relation to the clear graphs, what he promoted a good study, therefore the graph makes possible that the people they make a study on the problems most recurrent in the community. Thus the group inquietou it working the graph of the production of eggs and hens and the Formadoras had requested that in group the group approached some questions for the study of the same, (to see annex 4), therefore the same permeia a series of knowledge, that also makes the use of the reading and interpretation.

Then she observed herself that in the displayed graph she contained some errors, what generated a bigger attention and participation of the involved ones. Thus this moment, the satisfied staff was locked in, in having something practical in room, to learn and to pass ahead. The used materials in this afternoon had been papers, penxses, bristol boards, clip colorful. Fifth? Fair 15? 07? 10 In this dawn we had received with Smem Music of the Ambrosio Master, after this moment an educator asked for to permission the Formadoras of mathematics to count a joke, what group favored to descontrair it.

Test results translated into a 5-point scale to mark the leaving certificate. The second part (B) – at the request of graduates for university entrance, consisting also of the options Bt (Baseline) and B2 (advanced level). By the combined responses to the tasks of parts A (A, A2) and B (B, and B2) are awarded a certificate of the unified state exam. Most suitable for estimating the results of testing of applicants is a 100-point T-score for which was currently exhibiting a certification mark of high school graduates. While the regulatory framework of our education system (except for the above transition school-university) are not allowed to conduct the final test exams and the final levels, but in all components of this system is much preparatory work. The most urgent is the development of ongoing, thematic and many foreign tests used in the educational process of all educational institutions. For comparison, in the U.S. annually knowledge and abilities of students tested by 47 million test forms produced 400 test companies.

The vast majority of them are forms of current, topical and hope, a landmark achievement levels. Achievement tests designed to assess the success of mastering specific, limited in scope educational material, such as branches of mathematics, "the multiplication of two-digit numbers, or mother tongue," Classification of the suffix and adjectives. " This is different from the actual Psychological tests – aptitude tests, mental development. As already mentioned, performing tests, the ability to reflect the cumulative effect of the various experiences of life of the individual.

Consideraes on the film ' ' Alexandre' ' the content of disciplines Philosophy of Education I. The film ' ' Alexandre' ' it has for objective to present the life of one of the personages most important of the history of the humanity: Alexander, the Great one. Kept the critical ones made to this production of the year of 2005, we go abiding in them by the mentioned facts that they make possible in to more understand them a little on the content of disciplines Philosophy of Education I. the first scene that in them called the attention was when the personage Alexander, still boy, learns lies of philosophy with the proper Aristotle. The scene passed in a garden where the philosopher appears encircled for boys, between them Alexander, and of objective form he goes presenting its thought to ' ' alunos' '.

It was an only chance to see the personificao of the philosopher that we are studying in room. Most of the time we observe sculptures or paintings of the same ones, and of this time it was possible to visualize ' ' prprio' ' Aristotle in action. In this way he enriches study of it disciplines at the moment where we all visualize the panorama of that time. Another reading that can be made was in relation to the cult of deuses still very present at this time where Alexander lived. Although the presence of Aristotle between them, its ideas still esbarravam in the mythical culture.

The presence and the cult deuses permeiam the film all, to start for the proper mother of Alexander who believes piously that he had the son with a god. It denies the all instant that Filipe is the true father of Alexander and creates in the son the idea of that it is son of Zeus. Still under this logic we can cite the scene where Filipe takes Alexander for a species of cave that in the interior also possesss drawings that count to the estrias of deuses and its facts, of Hrcules.