Just see the light the last poems of Alfonso Aguado Ortuno. POEMS from my garden is entitled. I think that Becquer, although he had only written rhymes, happened also to the history of literature or, to cite another example, Rimbaud, with a handful of poems also did so. Alfonso Aguado, we believe that with this collection of poems it will also do so. Michael J. Bender spoke with conviction. It is different, original, interspersed accurately plants, flowers, insects, birds with feelings, loneliness, life, death and things that I don’t know more.

Consists of 41 poems (with the 40 first makes an I gino 40 days with their nights and the last is a poem of farewell) Carlos Cebrian poet has commented: I liked the book, it is incisive and thoughtful, agile, sober, rhythmic and surprising we transcribe below the two poem of the book, a small, beautiful and powerful poem: 2 Is cloudy. I am alone. The crows did not let a single brief on foot. Swifts cross the sky. The cats took the fish in my fish tank and my soul is grass Earwigs and slugs.

Or this another of the same characteristics as the previous one: 5 an anthill has my heart. When it gets dark the snails they cross from part to part my skin. And when I sleep the crickets sing the songs always in the recesses of my brain.