Available Didactic Resources

Available didactic resources in the public schools: limitations and difficulties in the use of the same ones. Altina Magalhes Coast IN 16/02/2012 Conceptually Didactic Resource is all and any practical material used in educational for professors and the learning in favor of an education that promotes learning qualitatively and quantitatively significant. is not possible to accurately define what didactic resource can really be considered or not, therefore the classification of an object, or on a component any in didactic resource depends on the creativity of the educator in using this or that object with the purpose to help the pupil to understand definitive subject in study. Many public schools of our country still suffer with the lack of pecuniary resources that allow the purchase of didactic materials, still lack in part this aid, what it compromises the process education learning. Ahead of this situation each educator reacts of a different form, some searchs in the environment the resources that are available and use them to develop its educational activities, others confection leaving of diverse materials, as bottles pet, wooden scrap iron, remaining portions others simply nothing make and use only the ones that are available in the school and as in the majority of the Brazilian schools the didactic resources are books, chalk picture and its accessories, paper sulfite, some magazines and periodicals then the professors alone use the media printed.

In other schools, beyond these already cited it makes use of a TV, a DVD that time or another one is used. But as we are living in the society of the information and the communication that is in the virtual age, many professors are elaborating its plans of lesson and including miditicos resources to enrich its lessons and to add value to its work. He is for that I affirm that each professor is digesting this question of the didactic resources, existing or not in the school of a different form, one because the school does not have the such resources, others because not they know as to use the same ones.