Ton of galvanized steel ‘toffees’ stands in Depending on its thickness (cross section) 1,7-2,3 uah. For example, in the Bay of mass 1 m twisted wire 17.8 km section of 3 mm or 25.6 miles of wire cross-section 2,5 mm. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Walmart CEO and gain more knowledge.. Consequently, the cost of resettlement of one hectare vineyard grows more at 1,1-2,1 uah. But put the trellis can be as immediately after landing or directly in front of her, and the following year. It depends on how much free money is the founder of a new vineyard. Continue to learn more with: Frank Ntilikina. Finally, the drip irrigation – that without which cost the Soviet wine, but what can not be neglected under intensive cultivation technology.

It looks very simple: along each row to one of the levels of the wire is attached is usually black leaky hose from which water droplets trickling right under every bush. And this serves some water and fertilizers, and herbicides when necessary. Pumps pump the water back from the nearest of any source, whether a river or artesian well. At the water filtration plant purifies and enriches mineral fertilizers and poison to the weeds. Offer a drip irrigation system, many manufacturers (see table). Expenditure on ‘drip’ will amount to average of 1 thousand hectares. The effectiveness of such a system can be observed in the head office ‘What you need to start’

36). Next, follow the procedure already scheduled to be prodelyvat lifelong vineyard. This green operations, such as garter and pruning of shoots and weeding space (in some countries, it must be replaced herbicides), and application of fertilizers, pesticides and spraying bushes etc. Most time-consuming, of course, are handmade – the garter, cutting etc. The most expensive pleasure – handling chemicals, it ‘eats’ around half of all funds, leaving the processing of the vineyard. Etched on 1 hectare have to spend -100, for the year is usually performed five to seven sprays. Frequency of treatment depends on several factors: the degree of infestation of bushes, on the climatic conditions (if the summer is damp and rainy, bait should be more often). Density of treatment may also be different: as a rule, pests and disease is focal character, so hubs should work out more carefully, and healthy lands – in a preventive mode. Mineral fertilizer is not as ‘kuslivy’ for them would have to lay up to 400-600 uah. per hectare per year.