Summary Considering the importance of the security when it is about microrganismos, as bacteria, virus, esporos, fungos and protozorios, the process of sterilization for vapor saturated on pressure, that is, the sterilizer is the used method more for elimination of the microrganismos. To verify the validation of the sterilization and the efficiency of the cycle of the sterilizer, they are used, habitually, chemical or biological pointers. The biological pointer is a specific, resistant microrganismo to one determined sterilization process that goes to allow the evidence of the efficiency of the sterilization. Already the chemical pointer can indicate only the exposition to the autoclavagem procedure, without still guaranteeing its sterility (indicating of sterilization process) or the action of different critical parameters of sterilization. One sends regards that esterilizadores the vapor must weekly be evaluated with biological pointers and the pointers chemistries must be used, in all the cycles, each packing to be esterilizada. Being thus, this study it had for objective to carry through the chemical and biological control of the sterilizers of an institution of superior education of Dourados (MS). Seven sterilizers of different sectors with biological pointers Clean had been monitored Test (composed with 105 or 106 of bacterial esporos of Geobacillus stearothermophilus) in parallel with the chemical control classroom II.

After the autoclavao of routine of the sector, the chemical control was read by means of visual pointer of coloration, while the biological control was incubado by 24 hours in a temperature between 55 and 60C in proper greenhouse. After this period was gotten as resulted, of the seven investigated sterilizers, only two had not passed in the test of biological quality control. Amongst the factors that can have intervened with the effectiveness of the sterilizer they are: insufficient running time, inside fails mechanics of the equipment or incorrect disposal of the materials of the sterilizer. The identified sectors had been contactados and are being under supervision adequate technique so that the imperfection is eliminated. One concludes that the sterilizers must periodically be monitored for evidence of its effectiveness in the sterilization of materials and reagents. Word-keys: sterilizer, sterilization, chemical and biological control;