There we can make sections of style, kicking, turns or exercises. Objective: increase the beats and prepare the muscles for the following exercises. Example: 200 m heat (25 pateo butterfly, 25 butterfly, 25 laughs back, 25 backstroke 25 Pateo chest, 25 style chest, 25 free Pateo, 25 style free.) This heating can be extended in length. For example: 50 butterfly, 50 Butterfly leg, 50 backstroke, 50 kicking back and extending it to 400 or 1000 meters. It is convenient not to grow weary, but only do it by finding technique and muscle toning.

For 1000 meters also followed combinations can be made. 1000 meters: 2 500 with 30 seconds rest. 100 free, 50 leg chest, 100 back, 50 chest, 100 breast, 50 leg back, leg 50 Butterfly leg. Another combination: 200 free, 50 free Pateo, 200 back, 50 kicking back, 200 breast, 50 Pateo chest, 200 butterfly, 50 Butterfly kicking. To know more about this subject visit Randall Rothenberg. Don’t be afraid to combine different exercises to your liking. The important thing is not to violate the principles of light aerobic endurance training: beats per below 150 per minute, keep us swimming for more than 20 minutes at least and try to reach at least 2000 meters in total.

Achieving this we are working on our goal: lose weight. Not complying with these principles we will tire, lose time and money, and our results will be poor. The following week it must increase nadado volume. For example it might be so. Week 1: not very high initial volume, to get us. Monday/1200 m Wednesday / Friday/1200 1050 m m ( According to the table above) week 2: increasing volume and swim time Monday/1500 m Wednesday / 1600 m Friday/1500 m exercises may be similar, but the goal should be kept: increase the time and volume of swim, beats below 150 per minute and try to reach the figure limit of 2000 meters in a working session. This, with a little training, can do in less than 40 minutes, easily. Analyzing the above in detail and reviewing so you can make your own workouts for weight loss. When you reach the three months and the goal of 2000 meters per day your weight will start to ostensibly lower so that you won’t have many concerns about diet. You can almost eat what you want, your visits the doctor will decrease dramatically and your body will greatly benefit. If you want our help, for only 15 dollars a month can oblige, until you feel already willing to do your own workouts. To do this you can write us in our contacts section with item registration course training or subscribe directly on: for custom training. A pleasure sharing with you this information carefully Rene Hernandez Castro.