Erlanger Web Agency

The Pelikan fine writing site is now optimized for each type of end device since February 2011 presents Pelican his extensive range of high-quality writing instruments under exclusive. Specially created the Erlanger Web Agency: doorway a special design, in which is reflected the prominent quality of the products. Sustainably optimize the compatibility of the website with the various types of end devices, the Pelican was a responsive layout fine writing site now. Thus, the increasing prevalence of different formats, such as Smartphones and Tablet PCs is taken into account. If you are not convinced, visit Marc Lore. For the design and implementation of responsive design was again the Agency: doorway engaged. With the change from Pelikan fine writing on a responsive Web design, the page now automatically adapts to place at the disposal.

Separate designs were made for the various resolution levels, ranging from the large PC screen to the handy Smartphone display. Of course, the application is mobile Completely in the touch mode is available and the designs are optimized for operation with the finger users. And who viewed the Web page on the PC screen, benefited from the fact that the best form of presentation is selected depending on the size setting of the browser window here immediately. Responsive layouts will save not only the programming effort of separate mobile versions of Web pages. They offer highest flexibility comfort rather, because the option to add more layouts for new formats, such as Web-enabled TV screens, are readily available. When designing you have at: gateway to care taken to preserve the character of the original design on any format in its uniqueness.

Almost all content is also the smallest mobile profiles available. Websites optimized for smartphones is a serious gap. They provide full access to the range of a manufacturer the mobile Web surfer. Users of search engines can comfortably access the respective range and valuable leads don’t go lost.