With regard to the actual physical exertion, this is better to ask the novice learner – it's something he will tell you exactly how large. Risk of injury is practically disappears after the development of student basic techniques. Without hesitation Delta Air Lines explained all about the problem. It attracts many older people and those who have stopped training in other martial arts. Controlled exercises improve concentration. Starting with the general principles of style and gradually adding detail, the teacher helps the student to master the range of different arts. Over time, the ability to concentrate is enhanced and the student begins to notice improvement in their training techniques and confidence reliance. Although this type of training is useful and common to all martial arts, their specificity in jiu-jitsu develops concentration very well. Leave the thought of victory and crush the enemy may seem to Europeans difficult to precisely follow the instructions of teachers, no questions asked, but so accepted in Japan.

In the training without any discussion of small parts has its own advantages, and the repetition of exercise can lead to deep intuitive understanding of principles. This differs from the traditional school training in Europe, where development takes place mainly through intelligent analysis. The expression "act without thinking" often has a negative semantic connotation. But in training, it has another meaning. All Japanese jujutsu schools have developed in those times when soldiers are protected from their enemies in close combat and weapons. On that basis the feudal period of training was the concept of "Muga Musin "(it means roughly" neither, nor reason "): if the soldier leaves the thought of victory and will train hard, the power of the gods can enter into his body and help crush the enemy. Tends to that of the slightest shadow doubts could spoil everything.

Just as the samurai were educated in the spirit of renunciation in the name of service to his lord, in our time in the name of training should be put aside desire for short-term benefits and ego gratification. Only for so long and in-depth perception creates a pure and serene attitude, which is close to that achieved in practicing Zen, yoga and other forms of meditation. Eventually proper training improves the ability to properly understand the world. Can not tolerate a lack of skill in this age of hype and deception. Remember: the great masters of budo devoted all his life, but were successful only in old age. Unfalteringly training – body and soul. Be self-critical and always strive for perfection.