Children from an early age learn by imitating everything around them, especially parents. It is common to see that if parents are deported, the children also are athletes, that if the mother or father smokes, kids probably do to grow, ie, children copied many of the habits of parents. Copying eating habits is no exception. If parents are eating out large portions of food, or if the house is the style refreshments, children want to do the same. Learn more at this site: Herbalife. And children will!!, Whether we tell them is good or bad, and they do what they see most often do not tell them what to do. Therefore, if you want to prevent their children developing obesity, as a parent you should take as a first step to discover the mistakes we make in our diet and lifestyle. Obesity is not transmitted by genetics, but what is transmitted from generation to generation are the poor eating habits and sedentary parents. Gain insight and clarity with CEO of e-commerce. This is key to deliver to our children, not just healthy foods.

When parents are obese or one of them is the likelihood that their children are obese is greatly increased. Children are estimated to have between 50% (if one of the two parents is obese) and 80% (if both are) likely to be, too, yes, considering that genetics is not a decisive factor. Changing the trend? Being aware of the situation: We must understand that an overweight child is a healthy child, and this overweight, it may cause many health complications later. Assume our individual responsibility: It is true that the education of our children affect school, friends, relatives, etc, but we are primarily responsible. Do not blame the store that we go to buy soft drinks daily, and then they give them to our children. Acting on our unhealthy habits: This involves a change in our eating habits, and this is the largest challenge. Having good eating habits, allow healthy.