January Training

January 25, 2010-44% of the students of Master-D conducted practices in 2008 thanks to this training group got a contract related to the content of your course at the conclusion of practice. Master-D has collaboration agreements with 3,400 companies for internships and promote the employability of students who conclude several of its professional and technical courses. In 2009, 1532 students from Master-D conducted practices thanks to the aforementioned agreements of collaboration, a figure a 12% higher than in the year 2008. To achieve this percentage Master-D has a guidance service to the labor insertion that includes various tools to support their students in attaining a job. One of them is the active search of employment workshop, T.A.B.E., which was awarded by the learning platform Educaweb on 13 November.

Students who participate in this eminently practical training workshop, learn how to access the labour market through three main routes: have a greater knowledge of themselves, develop a good CV and job interviews simulated with coaches for later analysis. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Ed Bastian. From January to December of 2009 a total of 3.933 Master-D students participated in one of these active workshops. To gain access to internships at companies thanks to the agreements signed by Master-D, students have to perform one of these T.A.B.E. In 2009 1532 students from the training group conducted practices in companies, 12% more than the previous year. Some of the companies with which Master-D has signed a collaboration agreement are as follows: Ferrovial, Grupo Cortefiel, Viajes Iberia, Melia Group or PC City. The students of Master-D requesting more practices are early childhood education, window dressing and renewable energy courses.

Job offers another tool of Master-D aimed at achieving a higher labour insertion is the making available of a bag of employment for their students. This bag contains offers related courses taught by the training centre. In addition, Master-D maintains active web, which reports on various activities related to the labor insertion, offers useful tips for the job search, writing a CV and a letter of presentation, to act correctly in an interview of work, etc.