Kenny Strikes Dack Mission

The chase runs relatively short, and a helicopter after landing on the roof of the house, mark the end of the mission. Credit: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak-2011. For her, you get $ 300. Mission number 22: Kenny Strikes Dack. Destine to a specified location on the map, it opens the gates: we kill all those present there and steal the truck. Mini truck to be delivered to the specified garage. During the execution of the mission you will get nothing.

On the map mark "K" disappears, there is a "H-Shield". Take the mission there. Mission 23: Weapons of mass distraction. Get into a car and go into battle. Advise stock up on weapons and ammunition.

The place of arrival, eliminate all aggressors, and float away from them by boat. During the mission, you again get nothing. Mission number 24: Street of Rage. At our place ment there. He sends us a sms with its coordinates: it fell into the trap and he needs your help. We are rushing through half the town to the place, join the company of three cops and start a fight with the enemy. Main task: quickly quickly conduct a special operation to free the cops. For mission you get into the hands of: Michigan with hundreds of patrons and $ 300 is not too pocket . On the map labels instead of "H-Shield" appears "K" – go there. Mission number 25: Missed The Boat? We go to the pier, they change to a boat and sail to the point.