These are in danger of running as the Ladies of Charity, very willing to eliminate poverty, but not its causes. To refrain from killing animals whose extinction cause ecological imbalances is an excellent thing, but not enough to conserve and preserve, we must alter the conditions that impede the conservation and preservation. Well, they say, this is precisely what everyone suggests. Politicians of all ropes, business managers, economists, engineers, etc.., agree to do something to improve relations between man and his environment. Measures are taken, approving laws, and punish violations. Whenever everyone is willing to give priority to environmental issues there is hope. This comfort is meager as soon as you discover it is based on a fallacy.

Give priority to environmental issues is to assume that have been resolved in principle many of the problems of racial, economic, political, social, etc. But not only these problems are not solved, but they are fairly and accurately determining the alarming current ecological conditions. For now the companies intend to take measures to prevent the progressive deterioration of the natural environment have contributed and continue to contribute to that. It stands to reason that the ecological crisis has political and social as its fundamental components. It therefore seems obvious that any solution will have to be very radical. The recommendations for “back to earth” and protests against the consumer society, which had looked so innocent, so you can purchase a new meaning.

On your beats the desire of men to change in depth, mainly correcting the historical record. An entirely new kind of society is a cultural revolution and it must be to make sense in a dimension essential to recognize that not only the man’s right to exist. The man is not morally viable unless it does not allow human-earth, air, water, and fire, and countless animal and plant species-exist and prosper. Living is also to live and let live. Let live in our mother land. And as the poet said: “Earth only. Earth. / Earth for tablecloths shaken, / for the pupil vicious cloud / for recent wounds and wet thoughts. / Earth for all that escapes from the Earth.”