We can expect no gratitude for our achievements as a mother, it is clear to all of us. But that our education should be responsible for the whole misfortune of our children, that hurts. “When Daniel was on the road, it was clear for me that I not going back after maternity leave in the Office. I must put children into the world if I take not myself. This is my opinion. I never had the feeling that mental stimulation and contacts would have missed or that I had brought no performance. My two children disagree. Last Christmas, said Daniel, who is now 24 and studying: “Dad I’m sorry.

He’s like a plow horse. While you’re you a beautiful day, he works like crazy. r. I’m getting married to a cricket on the hearth definitely not. His sister wants to be also not like I. This is totally stupid if they give up on his life, my 22 year old daughter said: you have not really to give what his children. You can expect more from a mother who has a qualified job. It already hurts when so devalue one of the children. Then we would have fun definitely delicious Annette, 51, since 25 years housewife if it were not to cry, or we’d be at least outraged.

Finally, we belong to the generation of women who can boast of a decent education. We can read, and have made use of them extensively. And we have gobbled up white romances not only God, but have resulted in us and peruse an education advisor. In short: We thought about well when and under what circumstances we use how many children in the world and how we raise them, whether. But no matter what and how we did it, it was wrong! What in all over the world have we done actually, that we are responsible for everything? How do you deal with such allegations? The book “mother is all school” understands itself as counsel and Advisor for mothers who have to deal with allegations of youthful or even long adult children. The complete first chapter, and more is published here: leseprobe.html