Mud Football World Championships

German teams can take part in the fun event the sauna is the goal: swamp soccer instead of football swamp everyone is world champion of Finn world champion in World Championships inventing are: air guitar WM, woman wearing mobile phone throwing World Championships, World Cup, sauna world championships. And, in July of each year, the Finns select also the world champion in the mud football”. To more and more amateur teams from around the world sign up every year for this World Championship”in the Finnish Ukkohalla. Because it’s really unusual, fantastic, and just giant fun. Ukkohalla – the sleepy nest in the eastern part of Finland is in the midst of pristine forests in a swampy area near the Russian border. Every year in July, thousands of mud football crazy dare long travel with plane, ferry, car, and finally walk on narrow paths of planks through the swamps from around the world. Sports clubs and company teams compete in representing their nation in different performance classes.

Many are already for years, interest is growing steadily. On 22 playing fields in the Finnish swamp the spectacle unfolds, accompanied by euphoric fans and representatives of the press, which accompany the self-proclaimed World selection in mud football, or simply come from the surrounding villages. The jerseys give a special touch every World Championship. The German team of the tourism company fintouring entered years this year in the swimwear of the 1930s, others showed themselves as witches, Santas in pampers with fur coat or in the bright yellow banana outfit. Mud football, friends and family live in cosy cottages with sauna and washing machine both urgently needed after the daily mud-slinging. And every night the mud games are discussed after sauna and hearty Finnish food with beer and wine.

The playing fields in the competition are different and will be selected. Some are simple, others more difficult. At the latest if players to the hip in the swamp to sink, the foot no longer bring to the surface, dragging the ball just reaching thunderous applause The fun of mud football of the best the world’s sport, where each participant is world champion, and the sauna the target begins viewers, however. This year the fintouring took”Team Germany in the Adventure Group. As a specialist for Finland travel, the company offers the event as a company outing. “Daniel lang, Managing Director of fintouring, is convinced: these days are a unique experience for all, and the team will be welded together more closely.” In addition to the mud football in July you can experience every year the snow Cup in Finnish Karelia in February. Who wants to take such extraordinary experiences with your own team or sports club, which requests under. More pictures and reports to be viewed under.