And just as our own self-preservation instinct (not for nothing that wise judges require medical admission) saves us, and everyone else at the same time, from irreparable harm. AKP – is searching and finding a free time when it is catastrophic shortage. When we, for example, instead of thirty minutes set aside for the search for water, where it is not, followed by boiling it, as well as preparing and eating food, spent twenty-five minutes. The remaining five minutes just sat there, blankly staring into nowhere, with only one thought: "We can still, we can survive this crazy pace of time, the movement of people and rhythm of work, can still barely, because of the fall exhaustion forces always have time, but the rise … .. "the AKP – is when our life and death is only two strings of nylon thickness of ten millimeters, it's at best. > by clicking through. And in the best case that we must learn to do – so it learn how to "save" the life of another. Here with us are in reality, but we are stretched to the limit with difficulty distinguish these facets of reality and game.

Here the organizers have only to offer, the participants have only the right to refuse. And it's the only difference between game and reality. AKP – is when in front of our team is another option. First – choose the passage of several hours, a rather complex technical step on the rocks, with using climbing equipment, a certain risk to life, where time for its preparation severe restrictions, or the second – to choose a simple denial.